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The ABC on how to destroy our wealth

June 16, 2011

How the ABC slaughters our Australian industries

An interesting letter has been circulating about the ABC Four Corners programme on our live beef export trade to Indonesia. Not content with the normal political bias, Four Corners did a disgracefully biased demolition job that, with the ensuing Gillard government’s mindless and destructive decision to stop all exports, will create an enormous amount of damage to the beef industry in both Australian and Indonesia. But these ABC employees have no regard for consequences.

I am writing to you after the Monday program to say that although I abhor the treatment of the animals shown in the video, your one sided approach to the subject and the possible effect of that of a ban on live exports is too big a price to pay for a report based on the evidence of an organization that’s charter is to shut us down. I have the following points to make. I would like to have the same time as those who denigrated my life to show you the other side of our industry. To show you what is really going on. In Australia there used to be thing about “A fair Go”. You have gone with images provided by one person followed up by your investigative journalist who spent a week in Indonesia. Your report makes out that close to 100% of Australian cattle are treated as was shown on TV.

Another feather in the hapless ABC’s hat. The worst is that I am sure the Four Corners’ producers are thrilled at their destructive power.

Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story

November 22, 2010

Martin Durkin does it again

We all remember Martin Durkin and his wonderful documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, that so thoroughly upset and embarrassed the ABC a couple of years ago. The ABC Collective was so outraged that, from memory, it was the first time they had issued a formal disclaimer that the documentary in no way reflected the views of the ABC …  ahem … as if the ABC has a particular view in the first place.

Anyway, Durkin has produced a new and timely documentary on Britain’s financial woes, Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story. According to James Delingpole in the Spectator, it is the most important programme to have appeared on British television this year. It has not, to my knowledge, been reviewed or discussed anywhere in Australia.

From what I have gleaned from the British press reviews and seen from the promos, it is quite a confronting piece, just as his Swindle was for believers in global warming. Whilst most of us know about debt and the shake up from the GFC, there is still much disquiet. In our hearts, most of us don’t really believe that it is all over, or that our leaders have much of a clue. Delingpole recons that unless David Cameron actually does something to reduce government spending, rather than just cutting the rate of increase of government spending, Britain will end up like Honecker’s East Germany.

Last year our government spent more in benefits than it raised in income tax. One third of households in Britain now receive more than half their income in state benefits. Yet our national debt now stands at £4.8 trillion — a figure so large it’s hard even to imagine. If you stacked that figure up in £50 notes, you’d have a pile reaching 6,500 miles into space. If you sold every single house and flat in Britain to try to pay off the debt, you’d still be £1 trillion short …

‘Ah,’ goes up the bien-pensant cry. ‘But if we cut government spending too drastically front-line services will suffer.’ Oh, really? Of the £700 billion-plus of our money currently being squandered every year by the government, only around £200 billion goes on doctors, teachers, police and other ‘key workers’. Most of it simply goes on administration, on diversity-outreach consultants, on climate-change advisers, on entirely pointless government ‘initiatives’ such as the various ones devised to cope with our failing education system: the Numeracy Task Force, the National Skills Academy, Early Learning Partnerships, Excellence Hubs, Learning Outside the Classroom, Parenting Early Intervention Pathfinders, The Framework for Personal and Learning Skills.

I wonder if our ABC intends to show this doco, even forgetting their bad experience with Durkin. The problem for them is that whilst Australia is at the moment in a more fortunate place than Britain, it will remind viewers very much of the Rudd/Gillard profligacy that Mr Swann, the Independents and almost all the commentariat are helping to justify, especially with their obstinacy over the NBN.

What Durkin, and many other international commentators like Niall Furguson are reminding us, is that our politicians, including Obama and the Fed in the US, just don’t seem to know what they are doing.

No wonder the English are cynical

May 12, 2010

Plus ca change …

A good explanation for the jaded feelings towards politicians being reported from the UK is neatly summed up in a pithy piece by Rod Liddle in the latest Spectator. Liddle takes a bet that many of the things that anger and infuriate people in England will not change. Policy inertia is something we are familiar with in Australia of course, and many of these observations apply to Australia. Here are some highlights:

Money spent on public sector management consultants will easily exceed the amount spent on our new nuclear weapons system.

In our schools: Black History Month; Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered History Month.

Islamist asylum seekers who want to put anthrax in our morning coffee, or who have already committed violent crimes, will not be deported.

Large-scale immigration will continue.

Teachers will continue to be prosecuted when having attempted to instil discipline in violent and abusive pupils.

Your local council will waste millions of pounds of your money on fatuous ‘outreach’ posts.

Despite the coldest year in the world since the Hellespont froze over, the government will concur with climate change lobbyists that we are facing an apocalypse. It will do so through cowardice and ignorance.

People who have lived for their entire lives in a locality will be beaten to the front of the queue for social housing by immigrants who arrived last week, illegally.

Deranged health fascists will continue to tell parents what they can and can’t put in their children’s lunchboxes.

We will continue to give billions of pounds in overseas aid to such cash-strapped, struggling, weak and powerless countries as, er, China.

Violent little scrotes who stab you in the neck while relieving you of your wallet will be allowed out on parole to stab your wife or best friend or great aunt in the neck during a similar operation.

If you punch the violent little scrote before he has a chance to stab you, you will be charged and end up in prison.

You can get the drift. Have a look. There is delightful humour in the detail.

Cruelty to infants

May 2, 2010

How does one stop this madness?

Where else but in Britain would this happen? The ever amusing Rod Liddle picks up another one from the nanny state that gives its citizens mandatory seven-hole salt shakers for fish and chip shops.

A toddler at a playgroup near Manchester had the cheese sandwich from his lunchbox confiscated by deranged teachers because it did not accord with their “healthy eating guidelines”. The child, Jack Ormisher, was offered fruit, nuts, seeds etc by the teachers as compensation.

If he was older he might have had the wherewithal to shout back at them: “Do I look like a bloody chaffinch, you self-important, doctrinaire, Stalinist harridans?” But he didn’t, because he was only two years old, so he just cried his eyes out instead. What can we do about these people?

[Thanks to reader Stone the Crows]

How to punish grieving parents

May 2, 2010

How to really teach parents a lesson so they will understand

Is it not possible to think that losing a child, through inattention or carelessness, is a sufficient punishment for life?

A NSW coroner wants a new criminal negligence offence to apply to home swimming pool deaths after investigating eight “preventable” child drownings.

In recommending that the NSW attorney-general consider enacting a new law, Deputy State Coroner Paul MacMahon referred to the obligation to maintain safe private pools.

More sensible, however, is the Samuel Morris Foundation, which works towards drowning prevention.  They worry that a new law may simple result in criminal charges for parents of drowned children.

Reader RR suggests that this mentality shows a “fundamental heartlessness through self-righeousness”.