Doctor’s Wives: An Apt Metaphor

The Age 28th September, 2004

Judith Brett (Opinion, 24/9) finds the term “doctors’ wives” extraordinarily patronising. Far more patronising surely is Brett’s claim that women…

Outback Isolation is a Myth

The Australian 11th October, 2002

I constantly hear people talk of the good old days in relation to Telstra and the [delivery of phone and postal services by a government…

Stay Wedded for All Our Sakes

The Australian 6th June, 2001

Wifework by Susan Maushart, prominently reviewed in The Australian Magazine (State of the Union) and in Monday’s Focus, gives a personal, jaded and…

IPA Is Alive and Well and Proud of its Independence

Australian Financial Review 15th April, 1999

Letter to the Editor: It would appear that David J Dick (AFR, Letters, April 14) has been living a sheltered life up there in Canberra. He asks…

Cathedrals and the birth of freedom

A boom review of Cathedral by Jon Cannon.

An ambitious work of philosophical synthesis

Book review: Ideas: A History from Fire to Freud by Peter Watson

Against group-think

Book review: What’s Left? How liberals lost their way by Nick Cohen

The reformist’s decade

An IPA REVIEW of a book by by George Megalogenis

Andrew McIntyre reviews ‘The Longest Decade’.

A miserable trilogy


Dutch Masters: The modern realism of the Reformation

An historical and political reflection on the Victorian National Gallery exhibition

The strange allure of cruel dictatorships


While you were asleep

‘The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century’ by L. Friedman

The Culture Wars, Yes … But Whose Culture?

An essay on the culture wars in a democracy, and who culture belongs to.

Wake Up, They’re Misleading You: The Media’s Climate Change Propaganda

IPA REVIEW article, co-authored with Chris Berg

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