CO2: the gift of life

“How do I know that increased CO2 will not kill the coral reefs and shellfish? Let me count the ways”     Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore, a co-founder and former leader of Greenpeace has skewered yet again the monstrous dissembling of the global warming carbonistas. If their silly science is so certain why do they need to lie and exagerate so much?

The propaganda is ramping up again as we approach the Paris climate summit. Since the temperature on Earth has stubbornly stopped rising, the new scare is ocean acidification and the constant threats to our Great Barrier Reef.

But according to Patrick Moore this is just more lies coming on top of a lack of evidence.

Something dire was needed to prop up the climate disruption narrative. “Ocean acidification” was invented to provide yet another apocalyptic scenario, only this one required no warming or severe weather, just more CO2 in the atmosphere.

Moore takes the reader through chapter and verse of why the menace of increased CO2 and ocean acidification is plain wrong-headed. Through the last half a billion years when life forms emerged, the CO2 content of the atmosphere was up to ten times higher than at present. As one would expect, the sea also has its own way of resisting acidification.

Then there is the obvious practical observation:

Finally, it is a fact that people who have saltwater aquariums sometimes add CO2 to the water in order to increase coral growth and to increase plant growth. The truth is CO2 is the most important food for all life on Earth, including marine life. It is the main food for photosynthetic plankton (algae), which in turn is the food for the entire food chain in the sea.

Moore concludes rather forcefully that:

For some reason, the proponents of catastrophic global warming ignore this fact. They talk of “carbon pollution” as if CO2 is a poison. If there were no CO2 in the global atmosphere there would be no life on this planet. Surely, that should be enough to permit questioning the certainty of those who demonise this essential molecule.

Don’t expect Will Stephan, Tim Flannery or any other of the highly paid carbonistas to respond to arguments of common fact with specific counter arguments. After all, who was there to correct the leader of the free world President Obama when he publicly announced that CO2, or was it global warming, was causing his daughter’s asthma attacks.

Oh dear…

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