Because of global cooling it was an even-money bet whether England would survive until the year 2000

1969 Paul Ehrlich

The doomsayers never stop, one way or the other. The ABC was full of the news of the hottest year on record. There were headlines everywhere. The warmists were so relieved with this new piece of reassurance. There was no thought or possibility by the orthosphere that this might be an exaggeration or, dare I say it, totally wrong.

Jo Nova has a very clear version of what is happening:

When will the Bureau of Meteorology discover satellites? How many years will it take to train the ABC journalists to ask the BOM if satellite measurements agree or disagree with their highly adjusted, altered, deleted, and homogenised ground stations?

I used exactly no tax dollars to email John Christy of UAH, get the latest data, and graph it to show that in Australia 2014 was not the hottest spring, and not the hottest winter, summer or autumn either. Why can’t the BOM or the $1.1 billion ABC do that?

If the BOM served the public, they would make sure the public knew that these records depend entirely on their choice of dataset and on their mysterious homogenization procedures. …

It’s as if the BOM were working for Greenpeace instead of us …

Quelle surprise!   Nova also provides some interesting graphs.


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    Jeff Seeney orders Moreton Bay Regional Council to remove references to climate change-derived sea level rises from regional plan

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