Baddies versus Baddies

“It is not goodies versus baddies, it is baddies versus baddies”  Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott is quite right.

It is a question of baddies versus baddies. Unfortunately, the ALP and the commentariat can’t help themselves, being blinded as they are by reality. Whether it is the Arab Spring, the election of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a sign of a return to democracy, or the insurgents in Syria valiantly fighting for freedom, there is amongst so many politicians of both sides a simplistic and dangerous Manachean view of the world.

Acting Finance Minister Penny Wong (that is, acting for the next five days) asks sarcastically, “I mean, is this the sort of approach that you want from a prime minister on foreign policy?” Well, yes, Penny, that is exactly what we want from a Prime Minister. Commentators beyond Australian shores are saying the same, and obvious, thing. Take American historian Dr Tim Stanley: .

We could be about to make a huge mistake.
We’ve spent the last twelve years fighting a war on terror, by which we mean a war on al-Qaeda. Now we’re proposing intervening in the Syrian conflict on the side of – wait for it – al-Qaeda. We’ve lobbed a grenade at the looking glass and jumped straight through.

Similarly, Mark Styen gives us a little bit of reality that escapes the likes of Henny Penny:

So we’ll get rid of Assad and install the local branch of al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood or whatever plucky neophyte democrat makes it to the presidential palace first — and then, instead of napalmed school yards, there will be, as in Egypt, burning Christian churches and women raped for going uncovered.

Thank god the Rudd era is coming to a close.

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