France and Islam

Lessons for the Anglosphere

The Europeans have many complex problems in tackling Islamism but France has some ideas on how to resist dhimmitude. At the same time, like most Western democracies, there is some confused thinking in some areas.

A few years ago, the French were the first to ban the wearing of simple head scarves in schools. Fadela Amara, a Sarkozy junior minister , said at the time, “The veil is the visible symbol of the subjugation of women, and therefore has no place in the mixed, secular spaces of France’s state school system.” Later, Sarkozy went further and banned the total face veil, saying it was “not welcome within France”. The ban was “to protect women from being forced to cover their faces and to uphold France’s secular values,” he said. Astonishingly, four out of five French voters supported him.

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