Almost paradise …

Corsica is a mixed bag, but for tourists it is sublime and unknown to most Australians.

Over a hundred years ago, Guy de Maupassant praised its natural beauty in his Contes du jour et de la nuit.

Imagine a world still in chaos, a storm of mountains that separate narrow ravines with rushing torrents, no plains but immense waves of granite and giant undulations of earth covered with maquis or, higher up, forests of chestnut trees and pines. This is virgin soil, uncultivated and deserted, although occasionally a village can be glimpsed, like a pile of rocks on top of a small hill.

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  1. leigh dib Says:

    I enjoyed your articles. One question – how can you describe Corsica as a peaceful paradise when there are people who have their homes blown up ? Still, that only happens to people who are involved , as you say. I’d still love to visit one day !

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