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July 5, 2013

Almost paradise …

Corsica is a mixed bag, but for tourists it is sublime and unknown to most Australians.

Over a hundred years ago, Guy de Maupassant praised its natural beauty in his Contes du jour et de la nuit.

Imagine a world still in chaos, a storm of mountains that separate narrow ravines with rushing torrents, no plains but immense waves of granite and giant undulations of earth covered with maquis or, higher up, forests of chestnut trees and pines. This is virgin soil, uncultivated and deserted, although occasionally a village can be glimpsed, like a pile of rocks on top of a small hill.

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July 5, 2013

Impotent Socialists Offer Little Hope

The French want reform but don’t believe President Hollande can deliver

President Francois Hollande wants to close the gap between the special perks and privileges public servants receive over those in the private sector. Even better news is that 56% of the public agree.

However, one little shadow on these good intentions is that in the same survey, fully 66% of this same public has absolutely no confidence Hollande will be able to do it!


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July 4, 2013

‘Oui’ to gay marriage, but a big ‘no’ for restraint

A second letter of my impressions of today’s France has been published in Quadrant Online:

What really is under its nose has been unwittingly revealed by the master pastry-chef responsible for the soaring, one-and-a-half meter piece montée for the wedding, with its top crowned with the gay community’s rainbow and two male figurines. He commented, “Aujourd’hui, le marriage n’a plus de sexe” [“These days, marriage no longer has sex”]. The ambiguity in French of the word sexe, which also functions like the English word “gender”, is perhaps sadly true. The major message of the anti same-sex protest explicitly acknowledges that gays can make love, but that they can never have sex, if understood in the broader, biological meaning of the word.