Media bias … new proof

Henningham confirmed, although we always new it.

Now it is official.

34 ABC journalists who had the courage to declare their voting intention said they would vote for:

The Greens  –  41.2% 

Labor – 32.4%

Coalition – 14.7% 

A new study br Folker Hanusch, a Senior Lecturer and Program Leader in Journalism at University of the Sunshine Coast, has published a new study that confirms earlier studies by Prof Henningham from the 1980’s on the beliefs and cultural values of our journalists in Australia.

Recently I blogged on this issue citing work from America on the leftist culture of of contemporary journalists that is clearly present in Australia. In this new study, all has been confirmed.

The report went on , commenting on senior editorial staff:

Among the 83 senior editors who took part in the survey, the Coalition was the party of choice on 43.2%, followed by Labor (34.1%) and the Greens (11.4%).

This suggests that Australia’s media bosses are more in line with the broader electorate, at least according to recent Newspoll results.

However, with the clear complacency of Mark Scott at the ABC in the face of sustained accusations of bias and the protected workshop mentality of that organisation, there is nothing much that can be hoped for from this organisation.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    So what’s new? We’ve seen the close inter-relationships amongst ABC journos and Labor politicians. They’re so inter-married it’s almost corporate incest! The bias is apparent in hard, persistent, repetitive questioning of conservative politicians and others of the ilk. On the other hand the ‘Philip Adams’ syndrome works across the board at the ABC, letting Labor spokespeople off lightly, not pursuing hard questions when the listener/viewer is absolutely begging to hear some truth. Roll on September!

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