Denial of reality: a common thing

Greg Melleuish pins the problem of the Left

In a new book published by Connor Court,  Australian Intellectuals: Their Strange History and Pathological Tendencies, Greg Melleuish explains the tendency of academics and the Left generally to dismiss any criticism of their pet theories or ideas. As he says in an extract appearing in The Australian:

 “they are increasingly addicted to theory and to making the world bend to their theories”.

I have noted that this same tendency has completely distorted the scientific method, particularly with regard to climate science.

Carl Popper, in his magisterial book, The Logic of Scientific Discovery, first published in 1934, is surprisingly prescient about present day climate science and warned that falsifyability is the criterion of demarcation between science and non-science.  The irony is that this is just what is vehemently resisted by climate scientists. They set out to prove that their theory of warming is correct rather than openly testing it even as their hypotheses fail. But according to Popper, “the wrong view of science betrays itself in the craving to be right”.

Micheal “Hockey Stick” Mann, Tim “Empty Dams” Flannery and even Robyn “100 Metre Sea Rise” Williams, courtesy of our ABC, are the most obvious examples that come to mind. The scandal is that they undermine our confidence in the way science should be done. It is such a pity that these warminists are so completely unaware of what they are doing and why, in the end, the sceptical camp is the only one doing real science.

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