ABC balance on Insiders — Shock, horror !!

Hard to believe, but an interesting change …

What a surprise this morning. On Insiders we had both Gerard Henderson and Niki Savva along with Laura Tingle and Barry Cassidy.

Could it possibly be that Barry has heard the suggestion going around that the only way to restore balance on the ABC is to have one conservative for every pro ALP commentator, each and every time. Nah! He wouldn’t understand.

Or is it maybe a ruse he has devised to lure back viewers who have abandoned him for the Bolt Report. Nup! He probably doesn’t care.

Or perhaps he realises that Gillard and her party are so on the nose that he should start adjusting to a post election reality and, like Caucus, is worrying about his job. Nah !  He probably feels the election is still too far away to worry about.

In any case, he clearly believes that, if he keeps rooting for the Red Head the way he has been doing with his comrades on Insiders for the past three years, she must surely win anyway.

Let’s see what he does next week. I for one won’t be holding my breath.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    Typical ABC notion of ‘a debate’, get a bunch of people all with the same essential viewpoint. Philip Adams would have to be the worst, of the lot….if he lets anyone else get a word in!

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