Media bias and the ALP

Without the Murdoch press, Australia would enter the world of Chavez

For those of you who may have missed it, I wrote a piece just before Christmas on bias in the ABC for The Australian and setting out how this bias is dangerous for an informed democracy.

We know that Conroy’s desire to control the press is simply to suppress critics of the ALP, but the real danger of bias in many ways is that it is almost invisible.

It also would explain why so many educated, generally mildly apolitical, well thinking middle class people with a regular diet of the ABC and Fairfax, simply are not aware that, for instance, the world has stopped warming for the past 16 years, that hurricanes and extreme weather events have declined and are not related to global warming, that Doha was a dismal failure, that the NBN has never had a cost benefit analysis, that Green jobs cost money … and jobs, that growing the economic pie is not the same as redistributing tax revenue.

When counting both the national broadcaster and the Fairfax press, it leads many people to simply sigh and thank God for The Australian, without which we would already be entering a Chavez style nightmare with virtually no holding of the present government to account. As Brendan O’Neill has pointed out:

What they don’t get is that attacks on press freedom are not only, or even primarily, attacks on those who write and publish. They’re attacks on those who read – on the public, the masses, consumers of the written word.


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