Manne, the blind professor

Ouch. He does it again ….

Robert Manne, in a new essay in The Monthly, clearly cannot help himself, indulging in yet another tanty against climate sceptics, presumably to save the world yet again. As Jo Nova so beautifully explains, “Manne’s argument appears to rest entirely on his mistaken belief that “science” is What The Gods Declare it To Be.”

I had learned many years ago — indeed I was taught — that a mark of an academic is to be able to argue both sides of an argument. Professor Manne has too often demonstrated publicly that he has not even a scintilla of this academic pre-requisitite.

Nova sums up Manne’s problem:

The sad thing about the “intellectual left” is that not only does Manne not understand how to do the maths, the sums, and the physics of the climate, but he’s not much good at the human insights into the process of climate research either. Indeed the irony, given the Church’s history of friction with science, is that Archbishop George Pell has a much better grip on both.

What could possibly go wrong?

As always, with “intellectuals” when they analyze their failure, it’s impossible for them to have been defeated by better arguments and stronger evidence. Manne’s synopsis:

“A Dark Victory: How vested interests defeated climate science”

So even though evidence shows the vested interests are 3500 times larger on the believer side, and a $176 billion dollar market hangs for it’s very life on the truth (or not) of the great climate scare, Manne thinks he was beaten by big money. And that kind of thinking is why the intellectuals keep coming up with potty ideas.

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