ALP strong endorsement for THE GREENS book

A prophet in his own land …

These people aren’t our friends. They don’t share our ideology. They don’t share our values. They don’t share our history.”  NSW Labor state secretary Sam Dastyari

“the most dangerous of the fringe parties”,Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes

“economically destructive”. Chief government Whip Joel Fitzgibbon

The ALP has at last given unwitting strong endorsement for the book, The Greens: Policies, Reality and Consequences.

What a contrast to the launch just one year ago when the ABC and Fairfax scrupulously avoided mentioning it. Funny that. At the time, we had invited many ALP people and others from the Left to contribute to the book. How things change.

The book still remains the most valuable reference to the Greens’ policies and how irresponsible and badly thought out they are.

It is a pity that Gillard and those in the ALP and the left media hadn’t thought through the consequences of their alliance with Bob Brown a little more carefully at the time and understood the consequences of their destructive policies.

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