Hollandaise sauce

French sisterhood eats its heart out

FRANCOIS Hollande’s ambition to become France’s first feminist president has suffered a setback after the 17 women in his cabinet were dismissed as “window dressing”. It emerged that most of the officials working under them were men.

Mr Hollande made women’s rights a feature of his election campaign and feminists praised him for appointing as many women as men to cabinet posts.

Last week, however, it emerged that of 140 advisers recruited by ministers, only 38 were women.


More on the parlous state of President Hollandaise:

The French government has not once run a budget surplus in the past 30 years. Total public social expenditure as a percentage of GDP was 28.4 per cent in France on the latest figures, compared with 16 per cent in Australia and the OECD average of 19.3 per cent. The cheeses may be great, but France is basically a bloated nanny-state.

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