Barrier Reef nonsense must stop

The busy bodies at the UN know nothing and 

Minister Tony Burke hides behind their skirts 

Once again, the environmental zealots are capturing the debate. The United Nations, in its usual sovereignty busting busy body way is trying to tell us how to look after our Great Barrier Reef. Its report from the environmental arm of UNESCO was released at the weekend and is critical of the way the Great Barrier Reef is managed. these people are obviously regulation mad bureaucrats.

Walter Stark, who had some pretty frank and realistic things to say about fisheries generally in The Greens — a book I edited last year —has been reported in this article giving some sound advice about the unquestioned rubbish that is being promoted about the Reef. When will any of these progress-destroying fools in our government be challenged by straight forward, common sense facts?

On overfishing on the Reef:

Claims of widespread over-fishing at our levels of harvest are the height of absurdity. There is absolutely no scientific evidence of threatened marine species, population collapses or effects on marine biodiversity from fishing. Almost without exception, away from the coastal and tourist influences, the Great Barrier Reef is pristine, rarely visited and home to the same number of fish species today as at first human settlement.

On shipping on the reef:

And all this debate about the danger posed to the reef by shipping is nonsense. One cyclone causes more reef destruction than if all of the ships that ever traversed the reef since the beginning of time crashed into it.

Just take a look at the enormity of the reef in the photo above.

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