Clive Hamilton does a tanty

Clive needs to cool his jets and be open to debate 

Clive Hamilton has reared his predictably peevish head over the MTC’s forthcoming production of Heretic.  Andrew Bolt takes him to task for his stream of abuse and hypocrisyThis is somehow not surprising for a man who is a left-green professor of public ethics.

Having read this piece of bile disgorging spleen, I take it that Clive is upset. As James Delingpole said on his recent visit to Australian, when you encounter flack like this, you know you are above the target.

Sadly, and ironically however, the most striking impression I got when reading this immature piece is that Clive Hamilton is himself a man in denial. The debate has moved on and his reactions resemble rather more those of a child in tantrum mode because he can’t get his way as he may once have been used to getting.

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