Topsy turvey land

Are there lessons for us?

It is strange how the timidity of conservatives wants them to try and win over and appease the worst traits of the Left.

Hal Colbatch has for many years been documenting the madness going in Britain. In case you missed it, this piece is well worth reading.

Even Ted Ballieu in Victoria would profit from reading about this particular British madness, and think about his refusal to reform or abolish the Victoria Charter of Rights introduced by the previous Brack’s Labor government and other weaknesses.

Since coming to power, Cameron has done almost nothing to oppose – in fact, his government has supported and condoned – the flowing tide of political correctness that seems to be attacking and dissolving virtually every major institution in the country.

The criminal justice system appears to alternate between the cosseting of dangerous criminals with politically correct credentials and punishment for the most trivial or imaginary instances of wrongdoing (a man who was fined for littering after accidentally dropping a banknote takes the cake).


Andrew Bolt underlines the double standards outlined above as it applies in Australia.

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