Turnball still a constant irritation

Robert Manne does it again
At dinner parties, at meetings and in conversation, it is so common to hear the enthusiastic suggestion that Malcolm Turnball would be a better person to lead the Liberal Party.

In a quite silly piece by Robert Manne in The Monthly, the same crazy propositions are put forth in an interview with Turnball. It is quite impressive just how often Manne confects views that are so out of touch with political reality. As John Lennon once said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”.

The Opposition under Abbott stands far higher in the opinion polls than it ever did under Turnbull. These days, the two-party preferred average poll is about Coalition 56 Labor 44. When Turnbull was leader in 2009, the result was the same – in reverse! Manne claims ‘a conservative rebellion robbed Turnbull ofhis leadership’, as though it was a personal possession. In reality, the Liberal party under Turnbull was heading down the gurgler, thanks in no small part to its leader’s stupid support for higher energy costs, the very issue that has been a political godsend for the Coalition ever since Abbott’s elevation to the leadership coincided with the Copenhagen fiasco.

Read this outstanding piece above on Manne’s madness by Hal Colebatch in April 21’s The Spectator:  What on earth is Malcolm Turnbull still doing in the Liberal Party?” [link not available].

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