Gillard and democracy

Does she hear? This is now a waiting game. 
Trade Minister Craig Emerson says Ms Gillard has Labor’s full support.
“Her job is safe because she is a leader with gutsy determination,” he told Sky News today, adding there was “zero disquiet within caucus over Ms Gillard’s decision- making.”
Does this show how out of touch they are with the electorate?
A poll from the Herald Sun today asks:
Do you support an early election?
  • Yes 94.79% (2695 votes)
  • No 5.21% (148 votes)

Will the Gillard Government survive 2012?

  • Yes 9.29% (381 votes)
  • No 90.71% (3721 votes)

Even in a poll of Age readers, 82% say she should quit.

This is simply a waiting game now.

[Thanks to reader Andrew]


According to a Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian, Labor’s primary vote has fallen two points in the past fortnight to 27 per cent while the Coalition’s primary vote has climbed three points to 51 per cent.

This is at its highest level since John Howard campaigned on border security in 2001.

Newspoll also found the Coalition held an election-winning lead of 59 per cent to 41 per cent in two-party-preferred terms – up from 56 per cent to 44 per cent a fortnight earlier.

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