Our ABC: the bigotry is self evident

How to pretend to debate climate change

James Delingpole is certainly leaving his mark in Australia.

The ABC, in a much publicised stunt to “debate” climate change, with warmist Tony Jones and QandA, and titled I Can Change Your Mind About Climate Change, had its traditional stacked panel and the inevitable planned gotcha moment:

an outrageously parti-pris greenie moderator,  a greenie “social researcher” (whatever that is), a greenie youth activist, the head of the ultra-greenie, even-worse-than-the-Royal-Society CSIR[O] and two more greenie plants in the audience.

The critical “gotcha” moment came when Tony Jones went to an audience member — Oceanographer Matthew England  — who happened conveniently to have already been given a lapel microphone.  Jo Nova gives a brilliant account of the ABC perfidy. To compound it all, Tony Jones’ collusion is amusing when he pretends to wait for a microphone to be passed to the scientist. [Watch from 36:00]

To top off Delingpole’s visit, he himself experiences the depth of the ABC’s bigotry in an interview with one of the lions of left orthodoxy in Melbourne.

The only fly in the ointment so far has been a beardie, leftie irritant on Melbourne radio (ABC: where else?) called John somebodyorother who kept interrupting me and protesting – rather too much I thought – what a consummate professional he was. I keep forgetting his name.

Hint for James.  John is spelled JON.

Shamelessly, the interviewer in question insisted he was just bravely and fiercly going about his professional duty to question all sides of the debate. Yeah, that’s right. Just like he did with one of his favs last year. 

It is instructive to listen to both interviews, just to compare how even-handed and professional he is with his interrupting.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    I found the Nick Minchin/Anna Rose climate change program hilarious. Despite people trying to deal with Miss Rose logically, she just persisted in her nonsensical zealotry. I was reminded of the attitudes of doorstop evangelists who sing the same mantra even as you’re trying to slam the door on their foot..

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