Winner takes nothing, loser takes all

A distaste for competition because it is not inclusive

UK journalist Rodd Liddle points to the aversion in Western society for competition in the name of inclusiveness. It comes, he says, from a Left liberal confusion between the terms elitism and privilege, as when recently Trenton Oldfield, “the smirking Australian”, confused his own privileged position with elitism, mindlessly interupting the Oxford Cambridge boat race.

Liddle gives us a personal example of this “grotesque dumbing-down of standards” at his own daughter’s school.

At my daughter’s school last year, the 50m sprint took the following form: all the kids lined up and ran as fast as they could to the halfway point. Then they waited for the fatties to catch up and, holding hands, all walked or trotted to the finish line, where everyone received an identical token.

He says this attitude cannot auger well for the British Olympics.

The official propaganda insists that this costly jamboree is not about the physical excellence of the elite competitors but is instead an ‘inclusive’ event, something in which we can all take part and all be winners.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    As an ex-teacher I’ve actually listened to these lefty types in staffrooms who bemoan subjecting the poor babies to that nasty thing called ‘competition’. They also dislike all forms of school assessment in which some kids are seen to be better, smarter, more dedicated to their work, than the slobs who couldn’t care a damn.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, they’re mostly females who deplore competitiveness.


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