48% of Brits want to leave UK

And it is not just the weather

Never let it be said again that Margaret Thatcher was bad for Great Britain.

Yet another example of the Left not understanding the issues and being blinded by ideology.

Disgruntled ... Brit public not pleased about PMs

It would be amusing to do a similar survey here in Australia; not that our Julia takes any notice of polls and people’s opinions.


[Thanks to reader Andrew R]

One Response to “48% of Brits want to leave UK”

  1. FatherJon Says:

    As an ex-Brit I can believe those figures about so many people wanting to quit the place. All the people I’m still in touch with envy me part of Australia instead of part of a ‘disjointed’ united Europe.

    I’m no fan of Anders Breivik, nor support anything he’s done, but his sentiments are often reflected amongst people I’m in touch with. Multi-culti has been a colossal failure, merely a sop to the uncontrolled immigration policies all across the UK and Western Europe. People are sick of their traditions being banned or downplayed to accommodate increasingly disrespectful and ungrateful Muslim communities across Europe. We’re already experiencing some of that in Australia.

    Come on down, folks! But don’t choose a leaky boat!


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