Carr wants to give evidence against Australia

How Gillard intends to shame Australia internationally

This is either self-destructive madness or cynical tokenism to buy into the UN Security Council. Not content with attempting to undermine Australia with the introduction of a carbon tax — a deeply unpopular policy — the Gillard government is wanting us to be hauled before the International Court of Justice to shame her own country. This is quite insane and irresponsible and clearly not in Australia’s national interest. It shows the Prime Minister is prepared to betray Australia for her own policy goals.

 FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr has volunteered Australia to give evidence on behalf of poor nations that want the United Nations to investigate if big emitters – potentially including Australia – have a legal responsibility to keep their greenhouse gases from hurting other countries.

Australia would give evidence supporting a push led by Palau for a UN resolution asking the International Court of Justice to assess how much countries were responsible for the damage their emissions did overseas.

Climate law experts said that if the resolution was successful, it could be the first step by worst-affected nations in seeking reparations from countries such as the US, China and Australia.

3 Responses to “Carr wants to give evidence against Australia”

  1. FatherJon Says:

    Say no more about Bob Carr. He’s like a corpse that’s luckily been revived just short of the grave, for political purposes. I’m reminded of Fielding in Q’ld whom Bjelke-Petersen dragged in to help him years ago in some ruse or other.

    Carr screwed NSW during his rule there, he’s now had to go back on his previous condemnations about Australia’s involvement in Middle Eastern wars – to satisfy local and US protocols. His threats to PNG were chucked back in his face. He’ll now go down with Jilly Dullard and her government in the next election.

    He’s become a pitiful creature, and his dominant voice and historical credentials will not save him a whit.


  2. john singer Says:

    Ever heard of the right not to incriminate yourself? This Carr runs on bio-nonsense.

  3. FatherJon Says:

    Rudd was also the big conniver about getting Australia a seat on the Security Council. These people are just self-promoters happy to sell Australia down the River Styx for their own careers and reputations. It’s almost a competition for greatness! We’re now committing to spending hundreds of millions of dollars to keep Afghanistan going after 2014, while Karzi is living in luxury in his penthouse suite in Dubai.


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