ALP’s deafness to self understanding

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Following the commentary on the Labor rout in the Queensland elections, I find the earnest discussion and entrail analysis by the ALP, the ABC and the Greens something to behold.

Whether it be on the various current affairs programmes, interviews with ALP pollies from the Prime Minister down, or the Greens,  or most  ABC commentators, none are able to articulate, let alone allow themselves to think about why Labor is on the nose.

It certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with communicating better, or working harder in the interests of Australia, or Julia going for more visits to Queensland.

My father taught me fifty years ago that people judge you not on your apologies — although with the ALP there is precious little of that — but on your performance.  It is almost a year ago that an ACCI survey revealed that nearly 60 percent of Australians were against a carbon tax and only half that amount supported it. Over 70 percent felt it would have a negative effect on the cost of living.

Six months later in October a Newspoll confirmed these figures, revealing that even amongst young voters — 18 to 34 year olds — there was overwhelming opposition. Out of blind faith, Gillard and her ideological followers of the Left believe that once the Carbon Tax is passed then people will see that the sky has not fallen in; even though it did precisely that for the ALP in Queensland last Saturday.

Since then, of course, the weather has not helped, and all the wrong predictions and exaggerations by Flannery, CSIRO, Wong and scientific “experts” and politicians, have come home to roost.

Tony Abbott made the point yesterday that if Gillard wants to keep the ear plugs in then good luck to her. His comment reminded me of Oddesyus, who blocked the ears of his sailors with wax but with prescience and curiosity had himself lashed to the ship’s mast to be able hear and understand the empty attractiveness of the call of the Sirens. After avoiding the fatal call, he then saw the bleached bones of previous sailors who had not heeded the warning on the beach.

We can now see the bleached bones of Anna Bligh’s sailors. The problem for Gillard and for Labor, and for the Left generally, is that they have never been curious about reality and are congenitally incapable of self-understanding.

2 Responses to “ALP’s deafness to self understanding”

  1. FatherJon Says:

    It’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’! When someone refuses to see what is glaringly obvious to all around.

    I see that they’re still spending money daily on polls showing that Gillard is ahead of Abbott as preferred PM, while the ALP as a party is on the nose. How can that be?

    Maybe if Gillard switched and became leader of the Libs – but, no, that wouldn’t work either:-)

    Just more bullshit from the same factory!


  2. Nicodemus Says:

    Consider the reaction of Melbourne 774. If Anna Bligh had won with an overwhelming majority, Jon Faine would have surely be on the phone to her helping her to relive her great victory. But Newman won — massively–. Hence : silence

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