Decline of social democracy

Gillard marching into battle backwards

Henry Ergas has given us a beautiful “meditation”  on the decline of social democracy and why Julia Gillard is pursuing a failed policy line that has slowly been abandoned elsewhere in the world.

As Ergas reminds us, those who repeat history, tend to repeat it as farce. 

Little wonder Gillard’s crowning achievement is the Fair Work Act, internationally unparalleled in the range of powers it grants unions. Little wonder too that under Labor’s watch, Australia is the only advanced economy that has renationalised its telecommunications network. And little wonder the three policies Gillard boasts of — the carbon tax, the mining tax and the clawing back of the health insurance rebate — are tax slugs, used to fund spending cloaked in the politics of envy.

This was the point I was making below about left media commentators not being able to understand that Gillard’s weakness is one of policy. The blindness and witlessness of these people is largely to blame for the current political impasse as it refuses to reflect the sentiments of the Australian people. It thus sustains and encourages the blockheadedness of the Independents, the Greens and the ALP in their pursuit of destructive policies.

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