Madness and naivety

What do environmentalists not understand?

Which part of this detailed explanation of the outrageously costly and ineffective use of solar electricity does the Green movement, the Gillard government and soppy environmentalists not understand.

Why are these facts not brought up in Parliament? Why is Bob Brown not challenged on this? When will the Age start to question its green wisdom, like John Spooner bravely did about the Flannery madness on water?

Using solar, Germany is paying about $US1000 per tonne of CO2 reduced. The current CO2 price in Europe is $US8. Germany could have cut 131 times as much CO2 for the same price. Instead, the Germans are wasting more than 99c of every euro that they plough into solar panels.

It gets worse: because Germany is part of the EU emissions trading system, the actual effect of extra solar panels in Germany leads to no CO2 reductions, because total emissions are already capped.

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