ABC doesn’t understand polling?

Is it spin, or just wilful misleading?

Did I imagine Jon Faine this morning on ABC 774 Melbourne, explaining the electorate’s preferences in Canberra? I thought I heard him claiming that Labor was polling roughly had a committed third, the Coalition roughly a committed third, and the rest undecided uncommitted or swinging voters.

If I heard correctly— and I am now doubting my ears because it is just so plain silly and misleading — the latest Essential Report had Labor effectively on a miserable third but had the Coalition at nearly 50 percent! with the other parties at roughly an irrelevant fifth of the preferences. Some difference, and some wishful thinking if that is what he said.

With this interpretation of statisitics, it is no wonder the left has no idea about the realities of the present political situation. Perhaps they think it is about leadership. This avoids them having to understand the problems the electorate has with their awful policies.

I’ll say that again. Policies …


If anything can be deduced from the consistent polls over several months, and the results of the recent NSW election and the predictions for the Queensland election coming soon, it is that there are very few swinging voters out there that haven’t made up their mind.

As for confusion about leadership alluded to above, that has become a wonderful distraction for the left so they don’t have to analyse the anger in the electorate about the carbon tax, the roof insulation, the BER, and the open door refugee policy. Add to that the recent “go soft” on the Aboriginal embassy stunt, the scrapping of the ABCC, and all the added costs of the inefficient Fair Work Australia.

So blinded by ideology and approval for this mishmash of progressive and green agendas, the ABC and those in it have difficulty understanding exactly to what most Australian’s have now become committed.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    I’ve long given up ever taking anything in ‘the polls’ seriously. There’s a poll for every occasion, and I’ve never understood how asking specially loaded question of 1200 people can possibly constitute ‘a scientific sample’. At best it’s merely a random expression of attitudes of the moment amongst a selected group. We’re left wondering what the selection criteria could possibly have been.

    I’ve been around a long time and have never been approached by any pollster by phone, on my doorstep or on the street. Others I know have not either, although some have chosen to ‘self select’, voting in a newspaper or online poll. That’s hardly scientific either!

    I don’t need polls anyway to tell me that Gillard or Rudd will lead the ALP to a resounding defeat in November, if not before – and you can quote me on that 🙂


  2. Jazza Says:

    I agree with Father John
    I have a weather vane: a union shop steward if they a re still called that, and I hear all about how the rank and file HATE the CO2 tax, the ‘asylum seekers largesse” and Juliar Gillard in bed with the Greens.
    Then there is the gay marriage issue, the debt and record of inompetent and dangerous waste.

    Policies will kill Gillard and she is now turned off most people’s TV sets whenever she appears.

  3. Ken Says:

    numeracy and reasoned though is not a prerequisites at the ABC! just an unwavering ability to keep on the ALP message! besides a 3 sort of looks like a 5, sort of!

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