The Islamic blind spot

‘Islam Is Islam, And That’s It’

Thanks to the excellent posts on the general topic of Islam by Australian Conservative, after having written my post below on the failure in Western media to provide information and adequate explanations concerning the violence coming out of Syria, my attention was drawn to a brilliantly argued piece on why the “Arab Spring’ has been such a disappointment.

Written by Andrew C McCarthy for National Review Online, it explains just how hard line and determined Islamists are, and just how soft headed we in the West have become. Some may still deny it, but McCarthy gives some overwhelming empirical evidence to support his position.

He outlines two controversal but sustainable propositions.

First, the most important fact in the Arab world — as well as in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other neighboring non-Arab territories — is Islam. It is not poverty, illiteracy, or the lack of modern democratic institutions. These, like anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and an insular propensity to buy into conspiracy theories featuring infidel villains, are effects of Islam’s regional hegemony and supremacist tendency, not causes of it. One need not be led to that which pervades the air one breathes.

The second fact is that Islam constitutes a distinct civilization. It is not merely an exotic splash on the gorgeous global mosaic with a few embarrassing cultural eccentricities; it is an entirely different way of looking at the world. We struggle with this truth, which defies our end-of-history smugness. Enthralled by diversity for its own sake, we have lost the capacity to comprehend a civilization whose idea of diversity is coercing diverse peoples into obedience to its evolution-resistant norms.

The problem our apologist Western ‘liberal’ media has with Islam reminded me of a book review I wrote three years ago, What’s Left? How liberals lost their way by Nick Cohen. There is a familiar cognative dissonance going on with the Left as it is with events in Syria. simply put, Cohen asks why the left supports fascists ‘who believe in the subjugation of women, the killing of Jews, homosexuals, freemasons, socialists and trade unionists’. Yes indeed.

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