Refugee disaster

What ever … accidents happen.

With growing incredulity, I heard an interview with Sarah Hanson Young on the ABC explaining that the tragic drowning at sea of yet another boatload of refugees coming from Indonesia had nothing to do with the Greens policy settings. She said, “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen”. 

Even Robert Manne warned Rudd publicly about the weakening refugee policy by  “compassionate leftists”. It is all documented and discussed by Tim Blair. At the moment, yet again, the Fairfax and ABC media is letting Australia down badly with their inability to think realistically about this issue.

 Refugee advocates don’t like to discuss why these safer options are not explored. The reasons are to do with identity and culpability. Those arriving in Australia by air require passports, which makes easier the task of disproving the legitimacy of asylum claims. Those arriving from Indonesia on boats commonly carry no identification at all, allowing certain freedoms with their stories. (Additionally, the SMH reports: “Many of the asylum seekers flew from Dubai to Jakarta, where Indonesian officials are said to be ready for the migrants to arrive, charging them each $US500 to pass through the airport without visas.”) If asylum seekers purchase their own boats instead of places on boats run by people smugglers, they are liable for prosecution. So they take their chances with the smugglers. Refugee advocates blame Australia for subsequent deadly outcomes.

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Professor Bunyip has added some links and examples of how Fairfax deliberately tries to cover up news, and how it, hypocritically, bleats on about drownings at sea if it happens to be when the Liberals are in power.  Outrageous but typical.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    I’m surprised to read Sarah Two-names comment “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen”. I would have thought she’d have blamed the Australian navy for not being there to provide a guiding escort to our shores.

    Regarding the comments from Fairfax about the corruption at Jakarta airport, I’ve been pointing this out for years to MPs, letters to the editor, on the internet etc. It’ll be impossible to ID the dead bodies, if they’re found, because they’ve either destroyed their documents or given them to the people smuggler snakeheads for reuse for the next gang of hopefuls from Dubai to Jakarta.

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