It could get warmer … or colder. We don’t know !!!
The Australian has published what is apparently a leaked draft of the forthcoming IPCC Report. It looks at last as if the wheels have really started to fall off the climate change band wagon. Jo Nova goes straight to the “get-out-of-jail clause that’s really a bombshell”:

“Uncertainty in the sign of projected changes in climate extremes over the coming two to three decades is relatively large because climate change signals are expected to be relatively small compared to natural climate variability”.

Translated: The natural climate forces are stronger than we thought, and we give up, we can’t say whether it will get warmer or colder in the next twenty years.

She continues:

This multipurpose prediction means that in the future, if it’s colder, they’re right; if it’s warmer, they’re right; and they have it covered for more or less storms, floods, droughts, blizzards and frost too.

And then there’s the perpetual-motion aspect of the threat. Greenhouse gases might not be dominant now (like they’ve been saying for the last 20 years) but they will be, they tell us. They will be! Look out! The storms are coming, we’re all doomed. (Well we definitely absolutely might be.) Got that?

Read on about these climate change believers, modifying their views, emphasising conditionalities, and managing to sound unsurprised at these monumentous admissions.

And of course the exit clauses:

We might have been wrong about CO2 causing the disasters, but disasters are still coming. More people are going to die from climate catastrophes because there are lots more people! See, “we were right all along to be concerned about the climate”. (Just not quite right about the cause).

I predict many highly visible people in the ABC and wider commentariat will follow the same pattern. Robyn “100 metres” Williams didn’t feel any shame or embarrassment when questioned by Andrew Bolt over his very silly and totally unscientific claim of pending 100 metre sea level rises. Tim  Flannery has proved incapable of self analysis of his many irresponsible predictions on droughts, and Will Stephan managed to play a straight bat on the Bolt Report last week on the disconnect between alarmist predictions and the actual weather.

There will be many others in the ABC to follow. But don’t expect any mea culpas. Being of the Left, as we know, means never having to say you are sorry.

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