Carbon tax a non-starter

No T in Gillard’s ETS

John Baird, the foreign minister of Canada, has been scathing about the idea of international carbon trading, raising even more doubts about the dubious carbon dioxide tax of Julia Gillard.

When asked about whether Canada would be implementing an ETS, he explained that his conservative government had won an absolute majority in the Canadian parliament on an explicit policy platform of no-carbon tax and no ETS.

He also believes that that the US will not introduce one either. Worse for Gillard, he thought that it was impossible that anything remotely resembling a global market could emerge.

“There’s nothing to participate in. Where is it going on today?”

He spoke more generally about the ineffectiveness of so-called market mechanisms in dealing with greenhouse gas emissions: “Everyone just lines up to get credit. My province has a lot of forests — where do we get credit for that? At the end of the day, it’s like a pyramid marketing scheme. You don’t have to sell this dog food, you just have to get 10 of your friends to sell it and get the royalties from that.”

If Julia Gillard was too busy at CHOGM to bother responding to the call from Qantas on the grounding of their planes, I really don’t think what Canada is doing, or what their Foreign Minister says, would even show up on her radar.

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