Doyle’s inconsequential denial

Why deny such a banal observation? 

On MTR on Thursday, Steve Price and Andrew Bolt were talking to Robert Doyle, Mayor of Melbourne, about his excessive bureaucratic regulations for street vendors and horse drawn carriage operations that contained questions on “environmental and social sustainability”. Steve helpfully suggested that Doyle should be encouraging these activities, not hinder them. The conversation continued:

SP: It makes us feel even more like the European city you keep telling people we are.

RD:I have never told people we are like a European city. Come on.

SP: Well we are.

RD: Hang on …

SP  We are.

RD:  Hang on Steve. If you are going to tell me what I have said …

SP: You’ve never compared Melbourne to a European city. Have you?

RD: No. You’ve just said, “you’ve often compared Melbourneto a European city”. No I don’t.

Robert Doyle this morning in an article by Michael Shmith in The Age.

“We’re a bit like Paris, London or Sydney – but, really, we’re like us. We don’t have a big rock or a giant prawn. We don’t have a harbour bridge. But we have sophistication on offer that is unlike other places.”

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