Qantas baggage handlers

What is Fair about this work?

This is extraordinary if correct. A letter today in the Australian comments on our privileged Qantas baggage handlers, and provides their list of employment conditions for this unhappy group. It would seem they are far better off than secondary school teachers, hospital staff, social welfare workers and many others with far more responsibility and skill.

It is an outrage to think they are holding the travelling public to ransom.

For starters, they get paid upwards of 20 per cent above the industry rate and earn between $70,000 to $85,000 a year including penalty rates but not overtime. Overtime is paid at double time as are any public holidays and if you happen to be rostered off on a public holiday you get a day off in lieu later on.

Read on. It is nice to learn how “the other half” lives.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    Hmm, the Qantas crowd sound a bit like the very spoiled wharfies of the 70s when they could hold the whole country to ransom, demanding more and more perks before ships could be unloaded – usually with concommitant theft as crates were ‘accidentally’ dropped and bottles of whisky ‘broken’, without any broken glass being found ?
    I well remember their demand for ’embarrassment money’ before unloading imported toilet bowls. Embarrassment? For a wharfie? C’mon.

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