Bolt haters and hypocrisy

The closing down of public debate on a vital issue of public concern

If all the Bolt haters, reinforced with a reassuring politically vegan diet of the Melbourne Age, could do just one thing and read this article, that might be a good thing. They might just start to understand the importance of an honest debate on Aboriginal issues and why accusations of offence, insult, humiliation and intimidation should be approached with more caution.

But alas, we know the hypocrisy of the lazy, moralising progressives and righteous do-gooders.

I know of communities where the government directly finances invented tribes, fabricated history, waste, petty corruption and the occasional threat of violence or death. There are no lawyers to contrive affront; there is no judge; just more government money going to the usual suspects for no benefit.



They might also like to read this piece by Chris Kenny documenting the flagrant double standards of those who support the Aboriginal industry and the disservice they do for real solutions to Aboriginal problems.

THE judicial finding against Andrew Bolt has drastic implications for free speech but it also demonstrates that in almost two decades since the landmark Mabo decision, Australia’s left-liberal political class has learned little about the important priorities in indigenous issues.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    As someone who lived in Canberra for 30 years and knew people working in the old Clyde Holding Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs, we all knew the rorts being practised under the Whitlam Govt.
    The directive was to allow anyone who claimed indigenous heritage onto the benefits wagon, regardless of the colour of their skin. Unsurprisingly the indigenous population shot up from 1% of total to 2+% as they all lined up with hands out.
    It became a source of daily amusement at the club as the bureaucrats from DAA regaled us with the latest directives.


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