ABC Insiders taking Manne’s advice?

Not even a pretence of balance 

It would seem that Insiders’ Barry Cassidy is taking Robert Manne’s advice to heart when it comes to political commentary.

Manne said that he thought that newspapers should report only the views of a “core” of experts in key debates. Given that the key topic on Insiders, week in week out,  is their analysis and boostering of the ALP, Cassidy this week decided to ditch any semblance of token balance with their one only conservative commentator, and as far as I know, for the first time ever had all three from the left.

After all, what would any conservative know or understand or be capable of explaining to viewers about the present government’s policies on carbon taxes, balancing budgets, refugees, freedom of speech, women in the defence forces, or Gillard’s bad polling.

The result, of course, was furious agreement, and a boring and smug self congratulatory tone to the whole hour. With a Gerard Henderson, or a Niki Saava, at least we hear a voice that from time to time injects just a little counterpoint to an otherwise increasingly dull and predictable discussion.

Either Cassidy had trouble for this one day in finding an available counter voice, or it is the realisation of the ABC’s idea of a political wet dream. Finally.

3 Responses to “ABC Insiders taking Manne’s advice?”

  1. FatherJon Says:

    Cassidy is married to Heather Ewart, another ABC lefty hack. The list of incestuous lefty dynasties within the ABC is quite staggering, with some of them having been press secretaries and advisers to ALP PMs all the way back to Whitlam. Inevitably nepotism is rife.


  2. MG Says:

    They seem to only have a token conservative every second show now. This brave sole is often crowded out by the other panelists and ignored by the host. The recent example of David Marr talking over Micheal Stutchbury provides a wonderful case in point. But really who cares? I doubt the show rates very highly anyway and will hazard a guess that it consistently escapes the attention of the so called “mainstream Australia”. Sunday mornings are far too precious to bother watching Insiders.

  3. FatherJon Says:

    Just the ‘old guard’ looking after their mates. ‘Twas ever thus with the Labor crowd….until they piss each other off 🙂


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