John Roskam of the Institute of Public Affairs has organised a petition where people can contribute to protest the decision of the Federal Court today, which found freedom of speech to be less important than the right to not be offended.  


Where is Justice?

An excellent account of the delivery of the verdict from the Federal Court has been given by Michael Connor in Quadrant Online.

10 Responses to “BOLT GAGGED”

  1. FatherJon Says:

    This is a total misuse of anti-racism legislation. There’s nothing racist about what Bolt wrote. He wrote what most Australians have always known, that these people are more white than black. They’ve chosen to call themselves aboriginal, for whatever benefits that bestows on them, and I think we’re all aware of the material benefits. Some have questionable backgrounds at best.

    This judge, Mordecai Bromberg, clearly comes from a background ultra sensitive to religious, racial discrimination. He’s misused the word ‘racist’, like Humpty Dumpty said to Alice
    a word means precisely what I want it to mean, no more, no less’.

    Bolt and his newspaper need to fight this ruling all the way, otherwise we’ll all have to make sure never to say anything that could offend someone again for fear of being labelled as ‘racist’!

    The sooner we get a proper US-Type Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech, without fear or favour, the better


  2. John Says:

    It seems to me to be racist that any group of people can band together and charge a commentator with racist vilification for writing what the majority of people silently believe. By majority of people I include people of similar bloodlines.
    As the father of three children born in Australia I believe it is a racial vilification for a small minority of people to claim the word indigenous as meaning something different than its’ dictionary meaning within the English Language as it is used in Australia.

  3. Guardianangel Says:


  4. Lorenzo from Oz Says:

    Andrew: your link needs fixing.

  5. FatherJon Says:

    What happened to the petiton? I can’t get it either.


  6. Rick Says:

    I found the comments by spectators outside the court extremely offensive.
    I am sure Andrew Bolt should have too!
    Should we sue the TV news?
    That ruling is offensive and quite insane.
    A steady line to court if it is not overturned by everybody that is offended.
    The claimants have records that should be considered.

  7. Richard Says:

    Just Bolt that’s been gagged Andrew?

    It would appear you’re employing the same practice on your site considering you haven’t published my last post.

    And you wonder what Robert Manne’s on about…

  8. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    Has been done. Thank you Michael.

  9. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    Not really Richard. I make decisions on the basis of the helpfulness of the contributions.
    Like the Age and the Australian letters page, not all get published.

  10. FatherJon Says:

    As a chronic writer of ‘Letters to the Editor’ over more decades than I care to count, I can confirm that a good percentage never get published, either through a topic being exhausted,my letter being irrelevant or just sheer happenstance.

    It’s the curse of the letter writer, Richard. If you can’t wear it, best give up writing altogether.


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