Swan’s swan song?

This is not reassuring  

Congratulations to Treasurer Wayne Swan for winning the Euromoney 2011 Award for Best Finance Minister! 

2 Responses to “Swan’s swan song?”

  1. David B. in Newtown, Sydney Says:

    From Euromoney – the organisation that gave Lehman Brothers their “Best Investment Bank” award in 2006!

  2. FatherJon Says:

    Pig’s arse! It’s a joke. ‘Last man standing’ is about the only criterion that the panel could have applied, given the parlous state of the other Western economies.
    It’s not a dignified ‘Hall of Fame’ either, as Keating was the only other Australian Treasurer to have been given this award. A man who never saw the inside of a university, let alone an Economics class!
    The Aussie economy is running itself anyway, with the huge mining and resources boom. Swan just happens to have the job today!

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