Global cooling in Europe

Julia’s [death] wish may yet come true

Australia has always followed overseas trends with a certain time delay. In this country, because of the present polarisation on the carbon tax, there continues to be acrimonious discussion around our obsession with global warming. However, anyone visiting Europe or almost anywhere else in the world, is surprised at the quiet absence of concern about the issue.

A recent article Simon Kuper, Climate change: who cares any more? in the Financial Times suggests that the Europeans are past all this climate change stuff with big yawns. At a crunch, they have decided to follow the Bjorn Lomborg strategy and buy their way out of trouble by adapting, just like Holland has done with sea levels for over 400 years.

Of course, the worry in Australia with the Gillard government’s insistence on ramming through her carbon di-oxide tax — with buried detail making carbon credits some sort of private property — is the deliberate way the government is locking in this legislation, or at best, making it very very difficult to rescind at a later date. And all of this on the eve of another highly probable financial crisis when real priorities will strike home.

Let us hope that someone, anyone in Labor or the Independents blinks or has weak knees at the critical moment of this nigh on extravagent, dangerous and irreversibleĀ vote.

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