Manne will never stop

Manne believes certain views have reached “uncontested” status and must not be contested.

A reassuring analysis of Robert Manne’s new essay on the evil Murdoch empire was given today by Paul Kelly.  What is it about him?

 This article analyses Manne’s essay for its perspective on journalism and then politics.

Taking the former, the startling feature is Manne’s fixation on repressing stories and debates he doesn’t like. He is a moralistic political censor.

Let me just say, that with a left that reasons like Manne, thank God for The Australian. This country would be without a voice of sanity and balance.

Concerning the so called ‘media monopoly’, Andrew Bolt makes the simple point that News Limited has just one third of the our newspaper titles but that two-thirds of Australian newspaper buyers prefer them.

That, precisely is the Left’s problem with the media.

A reader of this blog offered me a general explanation for Manne’s obsession:

Manne is quite, quite mad; but this is happening a fair bit amongst the left as they are in such a pit of despair.
I mean, it must be someone else’s fault that the party has stuffed everything up so comprehensively. It cannot be that the party is now run by a bunch of chancers, union hacks and political staffers.

3 Responses to “Manne will never stop”

  1. George Says:

    It’s a bit late to be commenting on this but how can you doubt the bona fides of a person who puts Al Gore and James Hansen on the same pedestal as Winston Churchill?

    see the first few minutes of

    Indeed, any “conversation” between these two has useful purgative effects.

  2. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    Thank you George.
    I have just had a look at your link about Al gore and James Hansen. It illustrates beautifully just how deluded Manne is to make such comparisons.

  3. FatherJon Says:

    Obsessive lunacy seems to run in the Manne family.


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