Scrap UN Refugee Convention

A simple solution to our refugee problem

A bold and clear view on what needs to be done about our refugee policy comes from Paul Sheehan in the Age yesterday. He suggests that it is time for Australia to radically revise its laws on refugees. He concludes that the “legal quagmire in which the federal government and the courts are stuck could be escaped at a single stroke.”

A disconnect has grown between the will of the people and the legal activists who successfully circumvent democracy by waging ”lawfare” – the practice of using the courts to achieve policies rejected at the ballot box.

Ideological lawfare is now clogging the entire legal system in the name of refugee rights. The people enmeshed in this campaign against Parliament range from the Chief Justice of the High Court, Robert French, to the ideologues toiling in the lower courts and refugee tribunals.

The Australian public has made it clear it regards the people smuggling trade as an affront to Australian morality, security and sovereignty. If the federal government cannot curb this traffic, it is a failure significant enough to turn an election.

An on-line poll associated with Sheehan’s article shows that 6o percent of over 4000 respondents think we should withdraw from the Convention.

It is heartening to see that the excellent chapter in the book The Greens: Policies, Reality and Consequences, by Mirko Bagaric and Peter Faris turns out to be so topical. It makes a very powerful argument for the scrapping of the historically outdated UN Refugee Policy. Bagaric and Faris argue that our present policy “lacks intellectual coherency and is morally and socially unsound”. It also explains why the Gillard government should keep a healthy distance from the Greens policies on this issue.

The Convention definition of “refugee” is morally arbitrary and offensive to incontestable truths about the hierarchy of human need and the nature of suffering and abject destitution. Despite this, the Greens want it to continue to be the cornerstone of Australia’s humanitarian program. Accordingly, the Greens are advocating a policy that would ensure that the most destitute people in the world would continue to be denied the opportunity to resettle in Australia. Rather than paying homage to the Convention as the basis for our humanitarian intake, Australia should take a leading role in broadening the scope of people it will allow to migrate for reasons of need. For the purposes of our domestic law, we need to broaden the definition of a refugee so that our compassion extends to those who are suffering the greatest degree of deprivation.

To read more about this clear sighted and prescient analysis of our refugee policy, The Greens can be purchased at your local bookstore, or ordered directly through the publisher, post free.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    I’ve been arguing the same for years! All the Labor crowd keep prattling on about ‘our obligations to the UNHCR’, as an excuse for doing sweet bugger all about illegal entrants. We have become emasculated, just because Kevin Rudd wants to put Australia on the world map, and get a seat on the Security Council. This mob are playing us for suckers. How many voting Aussies care a damn about a seat on the Security Council? The only security that counts for us is the ability to control our own borders and determine who comes here. We’re letting in wealthy queue jumpers who have found a means to tweak our immigration requirements, with the assistance of our own 5th column shysters, immigration agent lobbyists and a fickle High Court judge.
    Let’s quit the UN!!!!

  2. Vince Schultz Says:

    I wish! The UN is useless and expensive. NGO’s would be better suited for the aid projects.

  3. Bone Idle Says:

    Go further. Dump the U.N.’s Agenda 21. An insidious backdoor descent into Marxism.
    If you haven’t heard about Agenda 21 you must read up about it.
    Australia has signed up on it.
    Councils and state governments are fast enacting this draconian communist manifesto.

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    […] muzzling those in its own ranks who know what needs to be done. There are good ideas around – – but a lack of guts in Parliament to enact […]

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