ABC Insiders disgrace

Not just Milne silenced, but they gag the talent too

Without having read the news about the silencing of Gillard government critic Glenn Milne by taking him off the Insiders that he was scheduled to appear on this morning, I was appalled at the behaviour of host Barry Cassidy, and David Marr and Annabel Crabb when Cassidy actually asked Michael Stutchbury to explain why The Australian had run the old story about Julia Gillard’s relationship with former unionist Bruce Wilson.

Stutchbury tried many times to answer and was literally talked over and shouted down by the other guests as to why he thought the story, in context, was fair comment. Barry Cassidy, having asked the question, chose not to intervene, and having had Stutchbury’s answer satisfactorily obfuscated, then announced that they had to move on.

Not content at having got rid of one commentator for expressing views disapproved of not just by the Prime Minister, but by the ABC — many are wondering exactly why and by whom — Cassidy allows the stifling of the one view, the one explanation the viewers might just have been interested in listening to.

What a disgrace.


To clarify the record on a reference to the “old story”, it has subsequently been confirmed by Media Watch and other informed sources that Bruce Wilson was never charged or convicted of embezzlement of union funds, as has been widely reported.

A passing reference to these false allegations was made based on an Age article by Tony Wright that has been in the public domain, unopposed for over a week.

It is now deleted.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    I never saw the interview referred to, but the whole ABC crowd are so incestuously configurated with the ALP that nothing should be a surprise.

    -Barry Cassidy, an ex- Hawke media advisor, is married to Heather Hewitt, another ABC journo.
    -Kerry O’Brien is an ex-advisor to Whitlam.
    -Chris Uhlmann (7.30 Report) is married to an ALP politician
    -Several ALP pollies are married to other ALP pollies, such as Alabanese…

    Add a few yourselves!

    -Some of the ABC crowd go on to become politicians themselves!
    It’s almost a political/media dynasty similar to the Marcos regime in the Philippines back in the 70s


  2. Mervyn Sullivan Says:

    I watched Insiders and was amazed at how David Marr and Annabel Crabb kept talking over Michael Sutchburry, trying to trivialise the story about Julia Gillard’s relationship with former unionist Bruce Wilson, as though it was much ado about nothing, as though everybody knew about it, and that it was ‘old hat’.

    Well, I am one person who knew absolutely nothing about this story until reading Andrew Bolt’s blog. And unlike Marr and Crabb, I do think the issue is very important and needs to be drawn to the public’s attention. Why? Because it involves Australia’s Prime Minister.

  3. gerhard reuter Says:

    That would explain a lot

  4. eddy head Says:

    I was disgusted as well. I could not believe the disrespect and emotion showed by Crabb and Maher.
    They are behaving badly because they know that Tony Abbott will be PM and Labor will be in opposition for a long time.
    As far as I’m concerned, Labor had plenty of time to develop and implement good policies. They only have themselves to blame.
    In saying that, the real story is why did the PM want a story to be removed. Why should she engage in censorship. What else is off limits for the press. Should the press ring the PM for clearance on every story written about her or the government.

  5. Gary Robinson Says:

    What do you expect from Aunty

  6. Laurie Daniel Says:

    These questions must be sought and obtained:

    1. Did anyone from the Government contact the ABC urging them to stop milne and his story?
    2. Who at the ABC made the decision (s)

    Its’ “your’e ABC”…isn’t it ??

  7. bell Says:

    I think it is time for Barry Cassidy to take a break.The insiders are
    showing their true colour
    bell 60

  8. Jack Says:

    Insiders is a joke. It should be called the Preachers or the Gospel according to the left. It does not examine anything, it just spins the left wing line of the week.
    Recall how they used to be so sure global warming was a crisis. Such a crisis,they didn’t have to stop attending barbecues, but one that justified billion of taxpayers money being spent on it.
    When asked by how much the billions will change the temperature to”Save Our Planet” (SOP), they could not then would not answer.
    In other words SOP is just a way for the left to plunder taxes for their their own benefit. No wonder this taxpayer funded SOP to their lifestyles is so important.
    Insiders ,if it was worth aspiring to, would have examined the issue from all angles, not run with a scam.

  9. Iain Hall Says:

    Your observations of the way that Sutchburry was treated are spot on and the trouble was that he is too much of a gentleman to shout down the likes of that effete bully David Marr who is such a sanctimonious wanker.

  10. brizzie sue Says:

    I don’t think that you could get a job with the ABC unless you had Labor connections and/or sympathies. And yet it is touted as being ‘ our ABC’.

    With only less than 30% of the population voting Labor ‘our’ does not stand for the majority of the population anymore. Why do ‘we’ have to continue paying for the ABC?

  11. Brian Haselum Says:

    ABC is the new PRAVDA follow the leader !!!

  12. Barge Says:

    Insiders is off my agenda from now on. I’ll never watch it again

  13. GoldCoastSeer Says:

    It was outrageoues, but why is no one talking about the real story: the fact that Julia Gillard is using the highest office in the land as a power to shut down a personal story.

    If there is nothing unture, and no false allegations in the stories then what could possibly prevent their publication other than untoward influence or threat.

    If there is a genuine legal reason for the non-publication of articles (and the shutting down of websites and radio shows) then let us hear it.

    If there is no legal reason then surely the voices of all should be raised to howl down this outrageous attack on free speech.

    And of course we all ask the question: If Gillard is innocent of all wrong doing in this matter then why is she so aggressively silencing it?

  14. Ken Says:

    Shall we all note that their silence and support for this political interference means they are happy for the government of the day to shut down descent by any in the ABC. Great, when the coalition wins the the hall ways in the ABC will nearly be deserted.

  15. Noifsorbuts Says:

    The ABC will do more damage than a million journo’s on Wednesday night. It is must watch TV. I suspect it will be the most watched & talked about TV show of the year and will do untold damage to Gillard.

  16. Margaret Cook Says:

    I, stupidly it appears, was of the belief we had freedom of speech in this country?

  17. ABC Insiders disgrace | Cranky Old Crow Says:

    […] ABC Insiders disgrace […]

  18. jim heath Says:

    I didn’t know that, very interesting. But of course I have considered for years that ABC=ALP it’s so obvious it’s boring

  19. Peter Hall Says:

    Maxine Mckew is living with former Hawke minister I think it’s bob hogg

  20. Leo Says:

    I always enjoy watching the ABC. It makes the political agenda clear. Useful idiots tend to cluster together.

  21. Ian of Cairns Says:

    Unfortunately, “our” ABC has evolved into the media arm of the Labor Government.

  22. amazinggrace007 Says:

    Well Said FatherJon..Its embarassment to think they are balanced in their views as they claim .. Sadly many see THE ABC as another ALP melting pot of people tarred with brush of self agenda and the rest of voting Australias views can bugger off.its Even sad to ALP ministers/greens or Independents — they only ask soft questions that even get answered. the real questions that NEED to be asked are avoided in effect not to hard the govt (alp) yet never have issue of asking questions of the opposition they are not the ones that made this mess> Ms Gillard Gigggles like a 16 yr when her questions get much to close to truth or spins it into another planet.. Enough..
    ABC doesnt have a BackBONE – STOP THE Pettiness of school yard journalism and deal with issues.. YOu are not doing any favors to the Govt in your programming niche and you will soon become to be known for political pork Barrelling Views ..EG The live cattle industry report is one example of how bias you are to certain aspects of Australian Industries.. although it had to be shown- it wasnt the full picture of the true facts you all chose to omit where it your programming agenda and you all show not concern for those thousands of innocent people working hard to get by you who are hurt in the process. Yet if it were your jobs on the line it would be another story. ABC should clearly look at its self as it i see the whole ABC as a total waste of monies if only satisfying 10% of populaton.. is very wasteful indeed.

  23. Rob G Says:

    Marr’s constant interrruptions of Sutchburry was maniacal! Marr’s affected voice and pompous attitude were almost comical in his blatant bigotry. He must believe he looks intelligent and knowledgable by draping himself over the lounge and pontificating what 12 % of the population believe. Poor, pathetic, Loony.
    And why does Cassidy nearly always put the two lefties on the double couch and the neutral or conservative in the single couch

  24. Old Bloke Says:

    I saw the incident! Stuchbury tried to explain that the story while old was one that the majority of the public was not aware. He was howled down that it was scurrilous and everyone in the news media already knew about it so what was the point other than to mud sling.
    No chance for any discussion on freedom of expression.
    I have stopped watching Q & A because the biass is so damned blatant. If this keeps up no current affairs on ABC will be watched by any other than the left.
    Mind you, journos or pollies from other than the left need to watch out for “gotchas” if they dare to go on ABC too.

  25. John Says:

    Stutchbury should not have appeared. In fact all journalists should have refused to appear (particularly those of the left who always talk solidarity). All Australians own the ABC and it should be insulated from political interference, But journalist of all persuasions should have stood up for the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech. And as a aside Annabel Crab should stop talking over everyone who disagrees with her because it is not only irritating but it is also sexist.

  26. ted thorne Says:

    Censorship is the first step towards communism, and Gillard has already stated she is a socialist so she is nearly there.

  27. Brisbane Says:

    Who watches “OUR ABC” anyway. They are an irrelevant bunch of bores who sit their and agree with each other. They do not even have the common decency to allow someone to talk without talking all over them.

    Australians vote with your remote, and don’t watch the ABC. Hopefully when the coalition get in, all jobs at the ABC will be declared vacant.

  28. 2 Bobs Worth Says:

    What is it they say about inbreeding and the producing of morons?

  29. MikeO Says:

    Yes I noted that also, I am now thinking I should move on and not watch. I skip a lot anyway since it is not worth the effort. BTW I thought it air on the 4th not the 3rd!

  30. granny Says:

    insiders labour ABC, are so bias,it is unreal and to think the taxpayers pay their wages(liberal taxpayers),Michael Sutchburry was cut short on most of his answers and the viewers have to listen to the 3 omego-labour mob–barry,david,& anna..unblievable.!!

  31. Punk Buster Says:

    But how predictable it all was. Now for Media Watch this week…lol.

  32. casba Says:

    Yeah, and don’t forget Maxine MeKew who took out John Howard in Benelong in 2007, only to lose the seat at the following election! She was also an ABC journo and just happens to be married to John Hogg from the Trade Union Movement. And then there’s the Federal Labor Minister, Tanya Plibisek, married to the highest paid public seervant from the NSW Labor Government and the ex Deputy Premier of NSW is Albanese’s wife. Take about incestuous!

  33. David B. in Newtown, Sydney Says:

    Yes, State TV just can’t help but push the party line.

    I’m very unhappy that “our” ABC, financed by the Australian tax payer, constantly puts out the green socialist message, the antithesis to what most Australians believe in, and undercuts the media market for serious TV with its free programming.

    We pay the government who pay an unelected minority elite to undermine our own country.

    I have to say, Chris Uhlmann and Leigh Sales impress me, certainly an improvement over Red Kerry, they seem to be interviewing as hard against Labor as for the Coaltiion. Mind you at this point even Kerry might be doing the same, given Labor’s sheer incompetence!

    @AndrewMcintyre, it’s Murdoch not Murdock.

  34. Stalin Says:

    The ABC is the most incestuous organisation in the whole of the Australian media business.

  35. Kadon Says:

    Am completely turned off ‘Insiders’….just comes over as a big love-in where three people love to hear themselves talk all the time treating the third with a barely disguised tolerance.

  36. Barry Bones Says:

    (now, minus the typos)

    Rubbish – Stutchbury got his explaination on air was was rightly mocked. The delving into Gillards sexual history has been a low point of the News Limited press attack on Gillard.

  37. hillbilly33 Says:

    As Kerry O’Brien triumphantly announced in a Freudian slip on the election night the hapless ABC hack Maxine McKew was voted in over PM John Howard – “That’s another win for the ABC”! Says it all really!

  38. r k bradstock BE civil SU '63 Says:

    via bolt – totally agree. more upsetting, annabel’s ugly hairdo…correct typos suchburry [he’s a minor talent] n minster.

  39. Boiling Frog Says:

    I only watch ABC current affairs when I need to get the “unbalanced” opinion of the left commentators. And, yes, we can simply “turn them off’ but, as we keep saying, these ideologues who masquerade as dispassionate journalists, are on the public payroll- paid for by your’s and my taxes. Which is why my tax accountant is working overtime to find more deductions so my contributions to the waste that is this Labor government is minimal. Buy on the web too, and don’t pay GST
    I will persist in engaging in that “*middle class rort” of negative gearing. (* in the words of “neutral” news presenter, Virginia Treole when questioning a treasury official prior to last year’s budget. I’m still waiting for an apology Virginia)

  40. MikeO Says:

    Maybe but I will record it so that I am not committed. I am becoming an ABC ex-watcher.

  41. FatherJon Says:

    Another long-term resident lefty is Philip Adams. That guy makes my teeth grind. He presents ‘debates’ in which everyone on his program share the same lefty points of view. That’s not a debate, it’s a love-in!


  42. Nettie Says:

    Agree with all of the above (except Barry Bones). Insiders is now passe. Its days in the sun are over.

    With the surge in on-line news reporting people are making up their own minds, thanks very much, and we don’t need to be told what to think anymore by a bunch of out-of-touch journos.

    Michael Stutchbury put up a great fight in his attempt to bring a bit of realistic reporting to the show, but the boof-heads on the couch were having none of it, ably aided and abetted by Cassidy.

    Time to give it a decent burial.

  43. Eggon Face Says:

    Whilst I completely expect the left wing bleating of Marr, I must say I was particularly disapointed with Ms. Crabb. She expressed disbelief that there would be anybody in Australia who would be interested in the story, and how it was already out there in 2007. What she forgets is that our PM was not the PM in 2007, and public interest into the quality of her character increases when she takes on the responsibility of running MY country on MY behalf. Ms. Crabb, I am interested because in conjunction with the rest of her conduct whilst holding this high office it proves AGAIN that we do not have the Prime Minister that our country needs and deserves.

  44. Chorito Malton Says:

    My question is why do they go there, just like Q&A to be ridiculed by
    this biased people???

  45. James Says:

    I watched the show and Ms. Crabb’s objection that everyone knows was certainly incorrect in my case.

    In general I find Mr. Marr arrogant and often wrong and he hates it when people point this out.

    The worst part about the whole exchange is that if this was about a Left leaning individual both Crabb and Marr would have been outraged and demanding that the person concerned be reinstated. They only uphold the ‘freedoms’ when it is one of their own. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  46. annie Says:

    I too was disgusted with The Insiders yesterday. Like qanda, it is totally biased towards the loony left ,and, they treat anyone who dare disagree with them as idiots.
    Had to smile when Tony Jones on Lateline was having a session about the “shock jocks” on radio and made the comment – that we at the ABC are independent. What a joke.
    I object to my hard earned tax paying the wages of these leeches.

  47. David Says:

    Still what we did get was one side of the story.
    I did not know anything about the Union issue and was interested but was not allowed to hear the other side.
    I do not believe that I am ill informed it is just that I have work that prevents me knowing about all things of this nature.
    If Marr ever wants to know obout “h” parameters or Fourier I will just laugh and trivialise his interest.

  48. margaret Says:

    So ! we now have censorship by stealth… .EXACTLY what the ALP have been noted for in the recent past ………..The general public , unless rusted on Laborites , have always suspected the ABC as another arm of Labor , same with unions , Get Up and many other facets of our society .

    Ms Crabb excelled herself with her opinions and was , into the bargain , totally disrespectful to Michael Stutchbury as he was asking questions , which , in the main , remained unanswered …….Barry Cassidy was , as usual , reluctant to engage and insist on answers given to specific questions , so , all in all a whitewash ………Marr ……not worth talking about !!!!!

  49. KPJ Says:

    My guess is that most people who watch ABC TV do so simply because it’s (almost) commercial free. But why do they put up with left-wing bias on the news and current affairs programs? My guess is that a sense of resignation prevails. The ABC is a foundation member of the elitist Establishment in this country and seems as if it just can’t be touched.

  50. Rick Says:

    Barry, David and Annabelle, I did not know about Wilson.
    I believe I am entitled to know. Perhaps the ABC could run a questionaire about our PM. A list of 100 facts with provision for answers Knew or Didn’t know. Call it market research. Get a list from the public to find the most unknown important character revealing facts. I know she said, “I am the most suitable person to lead our country.”

  51. Keith Says:

    It was indeed a disgrace, but that’s pretty normal for Insiders.
    What was quite interesting was that Gillard decided at one point that this was conspiracy hatched by Milne and Bolt.
    It would have been so funny if Bolt had insisted on a right of reply.

    Cassidy and others seem to think that a nice turn of phrase and a sober expression is all that is necessary. They glibly tell lies and call it integrity.

  52. Richard Dowling Says:

    To all those people complaining about never having heard this story before, there’s one very good reason for that: There is no story. This is a non-issue that has been desperately revived by the Right for their own political gain. Gillard has countlessly explained herself in regards to the matter and her critics have found they have no grounds on which to peruse her. This explains why Insiders and The Australian distanced themselves from Mr. Milne in the wake of his article because their respective legal departments advised against it for fear of defamation. Defamation, if you must know, arises when claims are made against a person that are untrue or cannot be substantiated. Let this one go people; there are much more credible lines down which you can attack our PM. Incidentally, as a staunch Lefty I would like to make clear that I’m very glad that it is MY ABC. You Righties have 95% of all other media in this country to channel your hysteria. Get some perspective.

  53. FatherJon Says:

    I used to be a ‘lefty’ too, until I grew up. It’s interesting to see how so many of the old ‘lefties’ are now deserting the sinking ship. Even Philip Adams is advising Jilly Dullard to quit, following behind Grahame Richardson and Mungo McCallum, old Labor dogs both.
    It’s just a matter of time now, forget all her bluster. Hawke and Keating refused to see the writing on the wall too, until the wall fell in.
    Any old tick of the clock now……tic toc….

  54. Jonno Says:

    You mention Wilson’s conviction for embezzlement, but Media Watch says he was never even charged. I have no idea of the facts, but could you clarify the issue?

  55. Keith Says:

    “Gillard has countlessly explained herself in regards to the matter”

    Oh yeah ?
    Where ?
    When ?
    And were the “countless explanations” in relation to one point, or to all points raised ? Nauseous repetition of one talking point is not an explanation.

    Links to the evidence supporting your assertion would be appreciated.

  56. Jonno Says:

    I’m glad that as a ‘staunch Lefty’ you admit that it is YOUR ABC. At least we’ve found some common ground there 🙂

  57. Richard Dowling Says:

    Ostensibly a fair point you make there Keith. Here’s a thought though: could the reason you didn’t pick up on the story when it was raised (not for the first time) back in 2007 be that the story was covered by those Evil Leftist news outlets The Age and the ABC? Here just some of the links for your pleasure. Sorry your newspaper of choice didn’t cover it:

    Also if you could please explain what all the points she needs to answer are? As far as I’m aware there has only ever been one allegation, and it is this that has been dragged up again. Please enlighten me if I have missed something. Nauseous denial, incidentally, is a result of nauseous, unfounded, unproven allegations made by the same sorts of people. As much as you may dislike the lady, don’t let factual inaccuracies cloud your judgement. There are much bigger and more important problems she is facing at present; how about we focus on those?


  58. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    Yes, you may well be right Jonno. I don’t know, and Media Watch is quite probably correct.
    I was just reporting directly from the SMH article, using their wording. .
    I presume it is a wording that captures the suppressed allegations.

  59. Jonno Says:

    Thanks for that Andrew. The SMH seems quite clear and I see that The Age also refers to a ‘fraud conviction’ in the 3rd paragraph of their story. No doubt Media Watch will either correct themselves or castigate the Fairfax press next week (sarcasm intended).

  60. Richard Dowling Says:

    Thanks Jonno, happy to agree where we can.

    As long as you have a similar level of awareness when it comes to YOUR Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, The Australian, 2GB, 2UE (not all Fairfax is Left believe it or not), 3AW, MTR, Geelong Advertiser, *insert any commercial television network here*, Gold Coast Bulletin, Cairns Post et al.

    I think that leaves me with SBS, The Age, SMH and some community radio.

    We obviously pack a punch for you guys to find us so threatening; but I wouldn’t be Australian if I didn’t support the underdog would I?

  61. FatherJon Says:

    I’m reminded of the disgusting manner in which McKew and Kerry O’Brien conducted those snotty interviews with Pauline Hanson a few years ago. They showed the deep bias the ABC has against anyone not of the ilk. Both tertiary-educated seasoned reporters, they loved showing up her lack of education, her naivety and nervousness and went away rejoicing in how clever they were. But it will all come back to bite them in the arse one day.

  62. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    Your argument sounds very similar to that made by Phillip Adams about 20 years ago, that somehow the role of the ABC was to “balance” the commercial media and the shock jocks. But this is surely not the case. Unlike private companies like Fairfax and News, they can seek out whichever market they like, and I for one, certainly have no truck with The Age. What they do is literally “their business”.
    However, the ABC, because it is funded by all of us, has a statutory obligation to represent all views, whether you or I like it or not. The frustration with the ABC from conservative quarters is precisely because it is a government funded national broadcaster. Isn’t this straightforward and indisputable?

  63. Guardianangel Says:

    Tonight Thrsday Sept 8 the ABC aired the Eureka Science Award Night. On Catalyst.
    The presenters took no time to reduce it to a political event mocking all those who attended the Anti Carbon Tax Rallies as being “ against science”.
    Cut to the Chief Scientist Mr Chubb, sitting in his lounge making his comments and deriding the Anti Carbon Tax people as being part of a new “ low”. What this edited remark spliced into the Awards night had to do with the presentation of the Awards was very strange and out of place.
    Another science person being interviewed outside of the awards in his own lounge again, brought up the spectre of getting death threats. This was also reiterated by a catalyst presenter who said lots of science friends got death threats even marine biologists were getting death threats, with cuts to pictures of the rallies and Anti Carbon Tax people.
    The heavy handed political statement being made by obvious implication that again these were all ignorant people who were somehow dangerous to the extreme who did not understand the science.
    Chubb mentioned the persecution of Galileo in the defence of science against ignorance.
    All this spliced inside an awards night about science.
    It was absolutely despicable to see this sort of media manipulation .
    I particularly noted the timing. In a few days the Carbon Tax bills will be presented to Parliament, and tomorrow we have the Anti Carbon Tax Rally at the office of Kelvin Thompson in Munro St Coburg who derided these same people as the Convoy of Incontinence.
    The ABC is so obviously the media arm of the ALP that it is sickening.

  64. FatherJon Says:

    SCORN!!! It’s always the big tool in the lefties’ chosen basket of arguments. If you don’t have a proper supporting argument, then make jokes, ridicule, use ‘ad hominem’ tactics to put the other party down. That’s what’s happening with the usual bunch of ALP support troops where their carbon tax/global warming agitprop is concerned.

    Funnily enough, ABC Radio National is running daily readings from ‘1984’ at the moment. I wonder if they see the irony! Some of it is uncomfortably uncanny in its prophecy.

  65. Guardianangel Says:

    Dear Readers

    There is a petition now online to save Michael Smith from being sacked at 2UE for trying to air the story and allegations implied in the Kernohan Statutory Declaration. These revelations go to the heart of union corruption and possible involvements of people high in the government now,and also the reason Glenn Milne was removed from the ABC

    One significant signer, No 1231 was from the one and only Mr Bob Kernohan. He writes:

    “Michael Smith recorded 3 interviews with me at the 2UE Fairfax Studios in Sydney. Michael did nothing wrong. The 2UE management had expressed no opposition to Michael’s comments that he made on air. I should know, l was there. If they move to dismiss Michael, l believe it will result in a very high profile unfair dismissal claim. Should this happen, l have assured Michael that he will have my full support, and will be available to give evidence to support. Please support this petition. Spread the Word. Bob K ”


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