England and the deficit addiction

“Politicians are thus like drug dealers, profiting from their clientele’s dependence”

Theodore Dalrymple, writing in the City Journal, has a long and revealing article on Britain’s addiction to welfare and government largesse.

This Dalrymple article goes into some detail as to why Britain is a rather sick looking country.

The previous years of fool’s gold—asset inflation brought by easy credit—had allowed the Labour government to expand public spending enormously without damaging apparent prosperity.

During Brown’s years in office, however, three-quarters of Britain’s new employment was in the public sector, a fifth of it in the National Health Service alone. Educational and health-care spending skyrocketed. The economy of many areas of the country grew so dependent on public expenditure that they became like the Soviet Union with supermarkets.

As Mark Steyn claims in a new and depressing book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon, one wonders if any government in the West, including the Ballieu government in Victoria and Tony Abbott, if elected Prime Minster, really has the appetite to show any tough love and stop the rot. The impression given by Steyn is a firm No.

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