Combet uses racist slur

Against sharia? Racist. Against carbon tax? Racist
We have two examples this week of the easy use of the “racist” label to close down debate. Both, predictably come from the Left to suit their purposes.

The first is from a news item about the Australian visit of Maryam Namazie concerning her British campaign against sharia law.

Her group, One Law for All, is concerned about sharia’s effect on the fundamental rights of Britain’s Muslim citizens. Unsurprisingly, her message is frequently ignored by the British media and avoided by the British government.

Ms Namazie, who is an Iranian exile, said any form of legal accommodation with sharia “is like trying to incorporate apartheid into a non-racist system of law — they are simply incompatible.

A lot of the media that is considered liberal does not want to touch it because it is seen to be racist. As a result, she says parts of the British media have inaccurately been portraying the fight to stop sharia as a dispute between two extremes: right-wing racists and Islamists who wrongly assert that sharia is demanded by all Muslims.

“Human rights are not Western — they are universal. Can we please just have the same rights, thank you very much,” Ms Namazie said.


Now, in Australia, the government is getting desperate about the rejection of the carbon tax. Extraordinarily, Greg Combet, is accusing the Leader of the Opposition with racism because he has warned that Australian businesses buying carbon permits under an emissions trading scheme could be conned by unscrupulous “international traders”.

As Andrew Bolt points out:

The man is mad. I wonder how many poor Nigerians he’s helped out with his banking details. Combet’s plan involves sending an insane $57 billion a year to carbon traders overseas by 2050. Does he really not know that such a torrent of cash could be scammed? Has he really not heard of this:

The European police agency Europol has today revealed that the fraudulent trade in carbon credits that affected a number of countries over the past few months is far more widespread than previously thought and could have cost EU taxpayers up to €5bn in lost revenue over the past 18 months.

7 Responses to “Combet uses racist slur”

  1. FatherJon Says:

    I heard Miss Namazie on radio the other day and found her analyses refreshing, unlike the daffy old Archbishop of Canterbury who sees a parallel legal system as a possibility.

    Anyone left in any doubt should read Hirsi Ali, the ex-Somalian woman, now Dutch MP, on her experiences of genital mutilation in Somalia.

    Are the two topic connected? Forsure they will be as soon as we grant Sharia equivalence with Western codes of justice.

    Sharia belongs in Moslem countries – or just bin it altogether!

  2. PJG Says:

    Maryam Namazie is one very confused woman. While being an activist against shari’a, which is being pushed by enough Muslims in Brirain to be a source of considerable concern, she thinks the West should have “open borders” so that all Muslims who want to should be able to come and enjoy “citizenship”, as, she says disingenuously, they are all coming here for ‘freedom”.
    She talks almost hysterically about the terrible danger of the “far right” in the West. Her dream of benign global government and no borders is threatened only by the dastardly “far right”.
    By the time she had finished talking, I felt quite protective of the “far right” and indeed suspected I was one of them!

  3. FatherJon Says:

    PJG: That’s odd! She didn’t touch on that in the radio interview I heard.

    This ‘freedom’ nonsense is hugely overplayed. It’s become their mantra and unbelievable. They’re coming to our societies to get onto generous social welfare benefits. There’s not one of those countries with an ‘umbrella’ guaranteeing housing, a living wage, child support or free schooling and hospitalisation.
    They think they’ve been touched with the lucky stick as they queue up for ciitizenship and a passport so that they can return home to flash their good fortune and encourage others to take the boat trips. So much for persecution!

    The sooner we bin this notion that they’re all political refugees, persecuted by tyrranical govts the better.


  4. FatherJon Says:

    Doesn’t seem any element of doubt about where she stands according to this:-


  5. PJG Says:

    FJ: I arrived late at the Wheeler Centre the night before the 774 interview, and was only there for question time. I guess some of the questions irked her, which was why she sounded somewhat shrill and rigid. Mind you, some nutters were there just to pontificate. I did stretch things a bit before. She fears the far right AND the Islamists, the former for their nationalism (she didn’t put it exactly like that) and the latter, of course, for their shari’a enthusiasm.
    Trouble is if we are going to have open borders, then who is going to formulate the laws? As you say, immigrants are coming for financial gain – so they will probably vote for whoever gives them more.

  6. PJG Says:

    (cont’d) And shari’a stipulates the right of Muslims to tax the non-Muslims, to claim the jizya…for as long as it lasts, that is, until they have throttled the golden goose. The message is out there in the Muslim world. In talking about open borders, SURELY she knows this. This is why I don’t trust her.

  7. FatherJon Says:

    I’d certainly be keeping an eye on her from now on. The notion of ‘open borders’ gets kicked around from time to time by dedicated nutters. It’s just so ridiculous to not be worth commenting on, especially in the troubled times we’re living in. In Oz we’re seeing these people detroying their IDs before landing so that they can assume a new ID. Makes you wonder what kind of background they really come from.


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