Greens and unintended consequences

A neat example of how Green policies work

Here is a simple and predictable tail of unintended consequences.

Characteristic of policies like this one is an inability to imagine the consequences, a refusal to listen to what people want or the Productivity Commissions report explaining its futility, and an inability to change the policy once it has been shown to be a failure. More expense, an effect opposite to the one intended and by their own intentions, a worsening of the environmental outcomes.

BIN liner sales in SA have doubled since free plastic shopping bags were banned more than two years ago.
And most bin bags are made of thicker plastic than traditional bags, which means they take longer to break down in the environment.

As for the democratic impulse, a vote line run by Adelaide Now has, out of 930 votes, has nearly 80 per cent of respondants saying that they do not support a ban on plastic bags.

This is just for el cheapo plastic bags. Just imagine what Bob Brown is going to do with his $10 billion budget for green renewables.


Andrew Bolt nails all the crazy detail. To think, in spite of the evidence, two more states are about to introduce this worse than useless ban.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    Thankfully the good people of SA have seen how much we all need our plastic bags. I see my old home town, Canberra, is poised to ban them by the end of the year. Same Greeny fascist govt as SA.

    Gotta wonder, at the gall of minority Greenies who grab a default advantage when most Aussies are just too easy-going to register a position – until it’s too bloody late!

    Thankfully, all positions are reversible 🙂


  2. geoff walker Says:

    You are spot on with the plastic bag thing.In opposing cool season burning off (which is carbon neutral) greenies have been responsible for the huge co2 emissions from bushfires.30% of our carbon emissions come from this source.We lost 173 Australians in the Victorian fires and 2000 homes all because the local greenie council refused to permit the traditional winter burnoffs.My article in the June issue of ‘Quadrant’ tells it like it is.

  3. Punk Buster Says:

    Newly agitated by politics, I only recently discovered your book The Greens. Having worked in many verticals now – communications, forestry, health and education, all the essays resonated with me. It’s a really good piece of work and overdue. Cheers Andrew

  4. Allan Borg Says:

    We heard your interview on the George and Paul show this morning with great interest. We are grateful that there are people such as yourself and the other contributors to the book “Greens and unintended consequences” who are exposing them. Where can we purchase this book? We’d like to spread the word.
    Al and Laurie Borg

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