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Navy owes men an apology

July 7, 2011

Justice may come, eventually

This news story has a special significance for this blog. It was the very first story we ran a year and a half ago. I quoted from a news item published then:

A CULTURE of drug, alcohol and sexual abuse existed on board the supply ship HMAS Success but there was no sex ledger, an inquiry heard yesterday.

Andrew Bolt asks why the smear was made and why no apology has been made to the three sailors.

Tamil snuff porn on ABC

July 5, 2011

National broadcaster subverts the national interest, again

I imagine Four Corners is emboldened and delighted with its propaganda success in recently managing to have Australia’s live cattle export industry closed down with the help of Julia Gillard’s unthinking and panicked response. Never in the past would our government funded broadcaster have been able to act directly against Australia’s national interest and ruin the livelihood of so many people.

So it was that I watched with some incredulity at the British documentary shown on ABC’s Four Corners last night concerning the Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields. It has to be said that this is the first time I have seen real snuff porn on television, and at 8:30 in the evening. Congratulations, ABC.

Worse, it was justified in the guise of preaching some sort of convoluted morality.

One can only ask, for what purpose?

Given Four Corners’ track record, it is pretty easy to work out why they showed it. It was a deliberate attempt at aggravated Tamil propaganda, propaganda in favour of a terror organisation. The ultimate spin-off I suppose — not necessarily for the film makers, but the cream on the cake for the ABC —  is that it will help the pro-refugee lobby for the Tamils arriving in Australia by boat — the ones who return to Sri Lanka on holiday once the permanent resident visas have been finalised.

The most offensive thing about the documentary was that it provided no understanding of context, history, or of motivations. Let me say forcefully that I do not condone these atrocities. What I object to is that that film was calculated to outrage and disarm the viewing public and thus disempower them at the same time from any real understanding of a complex situation. This leads to unthinking, unreasoned reactions. This is exactly why the Australian government destroyed our cattle industry. So what exactly are we Australians to do having seen these monstrous images?

Clearly the ABC has gone completely feral.

Please read this heartfelt letter left on the ABC website as a protest at the programme.

As a Sri Lankan I was horrified to see the images on four corners program yesterday, I think it is pointless to have a argument among Sinhalese and Tamils due to this program because we have been living in harmony until the blood thirsty group LTTE came to light and destroy the value of human dignity during the past thirty years in Sri Lanka.

One of the most vital information missing on the program was highlighting major atrocities done by LTTE to all Sri Lankans (including Tamils) which I thought was very important. Just think about the child soldiers and suicide bombers forcibly taken by LTTE. How many Tamil mothers’ and father’s cried and hide their children, and some even left the country to protect their kids. But the LTTE sympathisers in western countries sent blood money to support LTTE while their kids studying and enjoying a comfortable life all over the world. Who was the main person responsible for training women suicide bombers? Adel Balasingham who is an Australian now living inUK.

All Sri Lankans suffered enough due to those barbarians because they killed unarmed civilians. If somebody has intentionally killed another human being they should be punished.

What you program has done is giving ammunition for people who are in detention centres who wants to jump the queue to obtain residence status in this country. Majority of the detainees who are in detention centres wish to obtain residency and whinge that they left the country because of the war. But when they get their citizenship after 4 years the next thing they do is buy the first plane ticket to Sri Lanka for a holiday.

GREENS analysis: a first

July 1, 2011

What you need to know about the Greens

Green Day has arrived!!

The book you need to survive the disaster will be published on July 14 by Connor Court – The Greens: Policies, Reality and Consequences. For the first time the Greens’ policies are subjected to critical examination. Essential reading for all suffering Australians.  More…