Long may she reign over us

An unlikely lesson for the Gillard monarchists

An interesting lesson in Royal frugality from the London Spectator.

How is it that an unelected monach spends more wisely than an elected government?

If only any of the Western governments had the self control of Her Majesty the Queen.

If the government were to grant an award to the public servant who has made the greatest effort over the past year to manage expenditure, Her Majesty the Queen would be a strong contender. The royal public finances, published this week, reveal that the cost of running the royal household has fallen over the past year by 5.3 per cent to £32.1 million. Proportionally, the Queen has made more cuts in one year than George Osborne intends to do over five.

Had the British government reduced its total costs by 5.3 per cent, the structural deficit would have been eliminated already — and the era of austerity ended.

And the French republican model?

The costs of running Nicolas Sarkozy’s household have almost trebled since he entered the Elysée Palace. Those who dragged Marie Antoinette to the scaffold would be astonished to see the airs and graces acquired by the leaders of the Republic. One ruling class has replaced another.

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  1. FatherJon Says:

    The English royals have always been portrayed as mean buggers. I recall an ex-security guard writing that Prince Chuck was a great one for not carrying cash, always asking his guards for a few coins but never repaying them.

    But…for the most outrageous expenditure of all, you can’t go past the recent Oprah Winfrey travelling road show to Australia. That cost the Aussie taxpayer $400 million!!!

    For what? Tourism actually dropped off! It was a massive waste of money that would have been better spent on hospitals, schools, pensions, wages etc. Just another example of the Labor Govt. deciding how quickly to empty the piggy bank.


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