ABC: We’ve never had it so good, but…

Our misery is all Tony Abbott’s fault

The ABC Breakfast website claims:

The mining boom is back. Jobs are plentiful and incomes are rising. As a result, the Australian economy is the envy of a developed world mired in sovereign debt. But yet — we are feeling miserable..

According to the latest consumer sentiment survey, confidence plunged to recession levels in July, posting the biggest fall since the dark days of the GFC. Economists blame concerns over the global economy, but social researchers also suggest Tony Abbott’s negative campaign against the carbon tax is also behind the sentiment slump.

Who would have guessed?

With the appropriate prompting in her questions, Sheryle Bagwell was able to establish from Hugh MacKay in an interview this morning on Radio National’s Breakfast that the dip in consumer confidence was due to the following factors:

  • there was a vacuum left from Kevin Rudd’s great moral challenge,
  • there is now an international financial meltdown anticipated,
  • there is a hung parliament,
  • humans are not rational,
  • people don’t like taxes: “they should have called it a “carbon penalty”,
  • Abbott has used a Goebbels’ propaganda tactic of “he who tells the story first is the one who is believed”,
  • when Gillard’s tax is in and the people  stop overcompensating, the “mood might ease”.

Is it not passing strange that nowhere was it mooted in the interview that:

  • a majority of Australians think the carbon tax is too complicated,
  • they really do think it is bad and damaging,
  • it is useless because it will not change the climate at all,
  • it will not save the Barrier reef, or stop cyclones, or cyclical droughts and flooding rains,
  • the Prime Minister lied before the last election,
  • consequently, they are not listening to her and can’t bare the patronising obfuscation and unwillingness to answer questions directly and honestly,
  • her crazy money shoveling, churning, and redistribution, and crazy $10 billion renewable extravaganza of wasteful overspending, may have something to with the electorates ill ease.

Why do we pay for a national broadcaster with our taxes [over $1 billion itself] when it is incapable of understanding, let a lone explaining the disastrous polling of the Gillard government, or why the carbon tax is so bad …

4 Responses to “ABC: We’ve never had it so good, but…”

  1. FatherJon Says:

    If I’m at all ‘depressed’ it’s because I see the nation being turned into a nanny state, to put it kindly. The reality is that we’re being overtaken by the kind of ‘benign’ fascism that passes for policies amongst the Greenies and the lefty Labor crowd.

    We are being curtailed in our enjoyments of life by restrictions and daft ideas covering every area of our lives – freedom of speech is under fire as legislation stops us ‘offending’ others; Smokers and drinkers are being attacked for their habits; pokey players face increasing restrictions by legislation; GM food production and experimentation is being destroyed by Greeny fanatics – the list goes on and is being added to daily.

    Now, we have the red-head forcing her new carbon tax on us despite an overwhelming number of Aussies being totally against it.
    MacKay, being an old Lefty himself, and the ABC being a driven organisation devoted to all sorts of minority issues, would choose to ignore the realities. He prefers to see us as just being ‘spoiled’ by too many goodies. Well, he would, wouldn’t he?

  2. Plagio Clase Says:

    Yes, why do we pay for the ABC. Not my ABC

  3. FatherJon Says:

    I classify ABC as ‘Aboriginal Broadcasting Corporation’ these days, so much time do they spend advocating every issue promoting various aborginal causes, real or supposed. They’re part of the whole industry these days…along with promoting the cause of illegals on leaky boats! All part of the 5th column, or enemy within as Maggie Thatcher used to say.

  4. True disbeliever Says:

    Our misery is the fault of the pathetic state of the ABC and the leftist sycophant media always demonising common sense and good and pragmatic Government…for all the talk by the ALP left of progressive government…the only thing progressing is the growth in size of the bureaucracy…the left and the ABC have served Australia poorly of late…

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