SBS propaganda unit at work again

Playing on pure emotion saves thinking about real solutions

As soon as the promos started on SBS for its new programme Go Back to where you Came from, it was clear that here we had yet another emotionally manipulating and facile explanation of the “truth” about our refugees. It was quite obvious what it wanted to prove and what it wanted the hapless participants to think.

One of the most passionate and enduring debates in this country has been built on a falsity, a false choice that is being carefully recrafted, repackaged and re-presented on SBS this week, at taxpayer expense.

It is stacked with commentary, from the narration, to the structure, to the guide, Dr David Corlett, who is immersed in the refugee industry, is highly political, and in 2003 wrote a Quarterly Essay, ”Sending Them Home”, with Robert Manne. This is the producers’ idea of dispassionate objectivity.

Another shameless programme of lecturing, hectoring ideology.

4 Responses to “SBS propaganda unit at work again”

  1. Jon Says:

    How I agree with you there! I’ve never seen such a load of old rubbish and propaganda in that 3-part program, using a bunch of dozey, naive Aussies, almost handpicked for those very qualities.
    I found it so embarrassing. That Corlett character is a real case, hypnotising those people with that ‘born again’ look..
    Shivering exercise in emotional manipulation! The program didn’t seem to change the attitudes of the participants to illegal boat arrivals that much anyway.
    Who’s financing that stuff? Not the good old Aussie taxpayer!!!!

  2. Tegan Says:

    Andrew and Jon, please enlighten me to the ‘propaganda’ that was in the show? By ’emotional manipulation’ – do you mean of people in impoverished conditions with very little hope for change, of the bodies of the patients in the hospital mutilated by the war raging around them, of families ripped apart by war? Is that the propaganda you are referring to? I need the specifics of what you are ranting about before you can change my mind! Tegan

  3. Andrew McIntyre Says:

    I think the answer to your question lies in the title I gave the piece: “Playing on pure emotion saves thinking about real solutions.”
    The programme was premised on the assumption that taking a few ordinary Australians to grim and violent places the likes of which they had until that point not even contemplated as possible, would get them to react emotionally –– totally natural and expected. This was achieved. What was not achieved when you apply emotions and act on them, is finding workable solutions.
    There are well over 10 million refugees around the world, most in very dire, life threatening situations. These, generally, are not the ones on the way to Australia through the smuggling network, as grim as that is for them. Given Australia is small, what is your solution? Let all 10 million in? At the moment we let in well over 90 percent of the boat people, particularly from Sri Lanka. Many of these, once they get the permanent residency, are free to travel back to Sri Lanka for a holiday. That is not a solution and continues to encourage deaths at sea.

  4. FatherJon Says:

    Tegan: From what you write I suspect that ‘your mind is not for turning’. Too many sympathisers just accept that these people are real refugees from wars, in fear of persecution and death in their homelands.

    When did you ever hear the REAL evidence behind any of their claims? I never have. The civil war is finished in Sri Lanka, most of the areas the Afghans come from have been declared safe ages ago, and the Iranians and Iraquis just don’t like their countries anymore. Rather than hop over to the next port of asylum in their own regions, they do a ‘country hop’ (just look at an atlas) in order to get to the country which they select as a place where there is greater economic opportunity – nothing to do with safety!

    Once settled they often travel back to their homelands in order to arrange for more members of the family to come over. So much for being in peril!

    Why would you pay $15,000 for an illegal boat trip when you could jump on a plane to Australia from anywhere in the world for around $2,000 as ‘legitimate’ illegals do with the intention of just over-staying their visas.
    They at least come bearing IDs and visas, so are easier to confirm and track later when they do over-stay.

    The illegals actually destroy their IDs or hand them over to the snakehead people smugglers for re-use with the next batch of illegals. It’s ‘pick and choose’ creatively when it comes to question time with Immigration officers. We’ve no real idea whom we’re allowing into the country – war criminals, fugitives, people with hidden agendas. The Sri Lankan Ambassador has warned us that many of the Tamils are, in fact, war criminals who are likely to plan a continuation of their terrorist war back in their home country, using Australia as a safe base in the meantime.

    Sadly, we have our own lefty/anarcho activists in Australia who leap at any excuse to support certain issues. The ABC/SBS is full of them! I have had personal experience of the kind of ambience that exists amongst these people. The TV program referred to was a pathetic show of a group of naive people whose own ‘minds were turned’ after a stage-managed, orchestrated attempt to sway public opinion about illegals. Let me tell you, it didn’t work! Just another waste of taxpayers’ money, but we’re getting used to that under this government…however that’s another topic.


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