ABC uses Nazi tag too

Seen on the ABC and defended by them as a legitimate slur

The ABC and its presenters such as Jon Faine — this morning on ABC 774 —should calm down about their contrived indignation of Lord Monkton and his reference to Ross Garnaut as an eco-fascist in association with a picture of a swastika.

Of course it was an unfortunate provocation and will be used against Monkton, relentlessly, but the ABC is hardly innocent when it comes to throwing around the same labels.

Back in April 2001, the ABC, through Stuart Littlemore and his eponymous programme devoted a whole episode to an attack on the IPA over its highly effective Sydney conference, Their ABC or Our ABC? on ABC bias.

Littlemore’s report stands as a classic case of jackboot journalism designed to silence critics. Not only did Littlemore mislead, distort, and attempt to libel the IPA to inflict maximum damage to its credibility, he directly related the organisation to Nazism by showing a photo of Adolph Hitler together with a quotation from Mein Kampf stating that ‘the broad mass of a nation… will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one’.

A formal complaint was made to Jonathan Shier, the then Managing Director of the ABC.  The ABC’s official response was that it was

…satisfied that the program presented appropriate comment within the context of its brief’

Of course.

Bravo ABC for your exquisite hypocrisy.

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  1. Robert Webb Says:

    I congratulate you for your article “At last, a thorough probe into what drives the Greens machine” in the WE Australian last Saturday. I have been hoping that at least one journalist will pick this issue up and run with it because I have, for some time, regarded the Greens as a cancer in the Australian body politic that needs treatment. This is a cancer that behaves in many respects like white ants in soft pine, working out of sight and destroying the fundamentals of the building. What we cannot afford as a nation is for this charade to go on for much longer and it is time that there was an advertising campaign focusing on the issues you touched on. This needs to be impartial and objective. It could start with this hypothetical.

    Somali pirates have stolen an ore carrier, fitted it out with 5000 hammocks to cater for 5000 refugees and arrived, unheralded at the port of Karratha in WA demanding entry. There is another on the way and another being loaded in Somalia. What do the Greens suggest the government do about that?

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